Surface Pro 3 Release Date Expectations, Consumers Voice

There are some big challenges that Microsoft is set to face with their new line up of tablets and other software products.

Recently the company announced that they are postponing the event to be held this month which will most probably see the launch of an iOS app for Microsoft Office. They are also expected to come with a Surface Pro 3 which will be the follow up for the hugely successful product before the end of 2014. The level of expectation is high because with a few tweaks and some new updates, this tablet has got the potential to make it big in the market.

Most buyers who prefer productivity choose it over the iPad because the Apple device is designed for consumers. Another important reason is the operating system it uses which is Windows 8.1 and it supports all familiar software that you may have been using for long in your desktop computers. It does have a desktop mode as well besides the touch friendly metro screen. These are some of the features that made the Pro tablets popular and here’s a wish list that fans have which if implemented will bring the tablet further into the competition mainstream circle.

Stylus Pocket

Among all other concerns, everyone expects the company to come up with a better way to store the stylus. While the Surface Pro 3 will feature the same capacitive touch screen as its previous models, it does support a pen which makes it extremely easy to sign documents or draw ideas on some software. Microsoft did a brilliant move here by making the screen more user friendly releasing a stylus to use with it. The storage was done using a magnetic strip found on the tablet but it doesn’t stick properly which is when users started complaining.

Many request the company to find a slot in the tablet to store it so that it doesn’t get lost when on the go and is readily available to use whenever they need it. The request has been made by people on Reddit which is where Bill Gates had one ‘ask me anything’ interview sometime back and there is a high possibility that this idea will be taken into consideration shortly. Making the product thinner and lighter is not easy but Apple has been accomplishing it every time without losing battery power.

Slimmer Device

Some claim that a tablet running on i5 processor cannot be made smaller because it will heat up the processor but it’s only a matter of time before technology evolves. Reducing the thickness of the device and its weight will make it more mobile. An alternative that users expect is to come up with a completely new tablet with a different screen size. There are no 8 inch or 12 inch ones which if introduced in the Surface Pro 3 line up will grab a different market share where users have varied requirements. There are speculations that confirm the company is almost ready to come up with different screen sizes for their upcoming tablet.

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