The Sims 4 – Three Things Gamers Want on Release Date

Being one of the most popular franchises of all time for decades is not an easy accomplishment but the EA published, Maxis game The Sims holds the spot for a long time now.

Reiterating the success requires plenty of attention to the development and maybe that’s why the company is taking so long to make a formal announcement. While some updates related to the AI aspect of the virtual characters is expected during GDC event scheduled this week, an exact release date for the game is yet to be announced. Before that, they have the responsibility to make sure all the expectations that gamers have are met which is mandatory to make it a hit again.

Next Gen Graphics

While the debate over graphics or game play continues, it is without a doubt that next gen games are expected to look beautiful. The Sims 4 should focus on this aspect to deliver finer details, better textures and an overall improvement in the graphics. Most players opted for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles because they believe that the game will be visually stunning in these platforms, given the processing power and graphics cards used in them. It is the job of Maxis and EA to make sure it comes out visually stunning maybe like how Dice made the Battlefield series.

Campaign in Different Ages

The developing team Maxis will most probably have plenty of plans for the single player campaigns but gamers do have expectation for the Sims 4 to have campaigns set in different time periods. The game is basically a real life simulator set in contemporary times where players go to job and live in a home but the DLC packs which got released for Sims 3 set the bar high. Among them, the medieval pack definitely had a great impact with players who just couldn’t get enough of living as a king or a princess in a medieval age.

With the higher processing power rendered by next gen consoles, it’s possible to include more extended maps set in different eras. If it becomes the norm, the game could soon get not only renaissance period campaigns but also some set in the futuristic world. All of them should retain the original title’s simulation aspect and focus on missions specific to the particular time period. This has been in the wish list of many ardent fans and it will most probably be part of the game either on release date or as a DLC pack released later on.

Interactive Large Maps

Interactive bigger maps similar to what games like GTA V and Skyrim offers will make The Sims 4 extremely engaging. It will make the game more addictive and justify its claim of being a real life simulator. Players wish to be able to interact with an entire neighborhood, visit shops or even travel in cars to different destinations. The game is in the right time to evolve along with the next gen and if EA brings in these changes, it’s going to be a franchise that will run for a very long time to come.

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