Samsung Likely To Launch Galaxy S5 Prime Soon

There are rumors circulating in the market that Samsung is about to launch an upgrade to Galaxy S5 as the Galaxy S5 Prime is all set to be released soon. Following are some of the key specifications and features of this model that you should be acquainted with.

The Release Date

There is no official confirmation yet regarding the exact release date of this phone. As per the rumors circulating in the market, the model is likely to hit the stores somewhere in the middle of June. The exact date remains largely unknown, but it should be launched fairly soon.

The Price Range

As the Galaxy S5 Prime is going to be a high end phone with features even better than Galaxy S5, there is absolutely no doubt that the price is going to be on the higher side. Once again, there is no official number but one can safely assume that it will be costlier than the Galaxy S5. If rumors are to be believed, the price is likely to be in the range of £600 or possibly even more.

The Key Specifications

This model is likely to feature a 5.2 inch display and will have higher resolution quad HD screen. With a resolution of 2560 x 1440, the screen shall come to life and those who love an eclectic display are going to be amazed by what this model has to offer.

Further, as per rumors, it is likely to have 3 GB RAM and at the same time, it shall run on QualComm Snapdragon 805 processor. The Adreno 420 GPU will ensure that the graphics processor will work smoothly and offer commendable output too.

It will run the latest version of Android – the KitKat operating system. It will also come with the TouchWiz user interface. As per the leaked photos, it will retain features like fingerprint scanner and even heart rate monitor that was a part of Galaxy S5.

After the plastic casing of galaxy S5 met with some criticism, there are rumors that this model will have an aluminum body and the overall designing of this phone would be smarter and more appealing.

Is The Camera Going To Be Good?

Samsung has a new trend of emphasizing a great deal on camera quality. Even when it comes to Galaxy S5 Prime, you will not be disappointed by what the camera is going to offer. The model is likely to feature 16 megapixels camera, which will help you capture pictures with resounding clarity and precision. The front cameras will have a modest 2.0 megapixels rating, but it will offer a decent output.

There is a lot of speculation and rumors surrounding this model and we need to wait till the official release to see what finally happens. When this model is finally unveiled, it is likely to be one of the smartest and biggest launches by Samsung so far. Samsung is known for launching some of the most anticipated phones and with Galaxy S5 Prime, it is going to set the bar even higher.

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