Halo 5 – Rumors on the Next Generation of Halo Games

Halo is a multi-billion dollar science fiction action game that has created a buzz worldwide.

It is rated the best console shooting game in the universe.  It was originally developed by Bungie, but was taken over by Microsoft and went on to become the launch title for Microsoft’s Xbox. The game entails the battle between humans and a group of aliens known as the Covenant. The aliens have their hearts set out to use halos and rings to attack humanity. During the game, very many humans shed blood leaving behind a pool of blood.

Rumors and Release Date

Halo 5 has hasn’t been released yet, but the plans are under way. The cover shows another Spartan standing beside Master Chief. Many fans and players have concluded that the Spartan is Cortana who was previously a friend to John-117. Later on, the executive producer Josh Holmes said that the new Spartan is in as a new character. Rumors are spreading about the game and inaccurate pictures are being posted online by people who have no idea about it. This has really messed up the creators because they do not feel comfortable about the rumors. With a very high budget for the game, it is really difficult for them to avoid such problems.

The Plot

Carrying on from the occurrences in Halo 4, fans are eagerly waiting to see what happens in Halo 5. In Halo 4, Master Chief’s background was revealed. He was filled with regret because of the unfortunate choices he made. His choices apparently made him lose his friend. Fans fear that this might be the last scene where they will be seeing Master Chief in the game.

With all the hype and excitement of the players and the fans, Halo 5 will be very interesting and enjoyable to play. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Master Chief in Halo 5. This character is very innovative and efficient in carrying out the required duties in the game.

Tips for the Game

Be the Pioneer

Being the pioneer increases your XP in the game. Increase in XP gives you an upper hand in earning more victories and rewards at the end of a mission.

Focus On the Launch Options

You should use this tactic when you are facing new enemies. This is especially so when your map is on a different point of view. When you focus on the launching point, you will have a better view of your incoming enemy. This will ensure you get a tactical advantage over your enemy, thus making it easier for you to eliminate them.

The Bottom Line

Halo 5 will be due in 2015. Many are eagerly waiting to see the outcome of the guardians and the decisions that Master Chief will make, now that he has lost his friend. Despite the fact that Microsoft is yet to give any formal confirmation on the exact release date of the game, Halo 5 will definitely give Xbox One enthusiasts a taste of the next generation Halo.



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