Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5C – Price and Specs Comparison

The two phones can present reasons for any prospective Smartphone user to be confused.

Yet, the dilemmas arising from comparisons between Apple and Samsung Smartphone devices are not new to the market. While Samsung has constantly pursued inclusivity in its general design and innovative agenda, Apple has strived to maintain classy models and a premium touch to their products. Consequently, there is an increasingly clear trend in the price regimes of the two competing developers.

The Design, Display, Specifications and Features

If you choose to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, you are treated to a screen with a 1080×1920 resolution power on a TFT screen that measures 5 inches. On the other hand its Apple counterpart, iPhone 5C is equipped with an LED IPS LCD touch screen with a lower resolution at 640×1136 p.

Size-wise, the Galaxy S4 measures 136.6×68.9×7.9mm in length, width and depth dimensions. It is a relatively light gadget weighing a mere 130g. These measurements are good enough for those who like to carry their sets in their hands for a little swag, or sheer convenience and preference. Yet, the iPhone 5C model is a more streamlined Smartphone. It measures 124.4(L) x 59.2(W) x 9.00(H) mm. It weighs at 132g. The latter is definitely a great temptation for those with a knack and taste for small sized devices. You can easily tuck it in your trouser pocket and forget until it prompts you with its various clear tones and strong vibration.

Performance Matrix

The Samsung device can be defined in short as an optimized gadget as far as performance metrics are concerned. The Smartphone sports the latest technologies in the Android Smartphone niche. You will sample the Quadcore Exynos 5 Octa 5410 chipset when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy S4 unit.

Processors and Memory Capacity

iPhone 5C has a range of storage options for the user. You may decide to make use of the 8 GB model if you are the light user who only deals in smaller capacity apps and files, and do not need much storage. Yet, there is the medium sized storage capacity model (16 GB) available for the average use. The 32 GB version is suited for the medium range to heavy user who cannot do without quality photos and videos. One aspect users have to take note of is the fact that, like many other Apple products in the line, iPhone 5C does not feature a slot for microSD.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is run on Android Jelly Bean OS. It is also enhanced with a 2GB RAM capacity. The RAM spec makes it an ideal device for running multiple applications at one go without causing unnecessary glitches. iPhone 5C on the other hand sports 1GB of RAM and is based on the iOS 7 system. The serializing signals the fact that it is upgradable and can be upped to operate on the iOS 7.1 type.

Camera Specifications

The camera function is one of the grounds upon which the two devices show striking similarity in the service they offer you. S4 features a 13 MP camera whereas iPhone 5C has an 8 MP Autofocus primary camera. The LED flash is a common component. There is a slight difference in the secondary camera though. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a 2 MP secondary camera while the iPhone 5C device uses a 1.2 MP for its secondary camera.

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