HTC One Max vs LG G2 – Best Prices and Specs Comparison

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Trying to decide between these great smartphones? They are some peace of technology that amazes you. They have some differences between them as you’ll see in this article that comes with an extra price comparison.

Processor and Operating System

HTC One Max functions with a 1,7GHz quad core krait 300processor and a Snapdragon 600( Adreno 320 ) chipset whereas the LG G2 is tooled up with a 2,26GHz quad core krait processor 400 and a Snapdragon 800( Adreno 330 graphics engine ) chipset.
The operating system used by the HTC One Max is the Jelly Bean variant on Android’s 4.3 version whereas LG G2 it running on the Android 4.2.2 operating system.

To render the same resolution of 1920 x 1080pixels, HTC One uses an 5,9 inch Full HD display with 367 ppi while LG G2 uses only a 5,2 inch display with 423 ppi.


The winner in this area is the LG G2 that is equipped with a 13 MP main camera with LED flash and a 2,1 MP second one whereas the looser is HTC One with its 4 MP camera with same LED flash feature. HTC One has same potential of 2,1 MP on its secondary camera.


HTC One Max is powered up by a 3300mAh battery whereas the LG G2 has a 3000mAh battery.
What makes a huge difference between the two is the fingerprint sensor on HTC One Max device available until now only on the Apple iPhone 5S.


HTC One Max can be found at a price around 494,94 dollars and LG G2 has a starting price at 404,94 dollars.

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