Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nexus 5 – Price and Specs Comparison

Consumers today are spoilt by the wide array of choices provided by smartphone companies.

On one hand, consumers are enjoying the benefits provided to them due to increasing competition in the smartphone world. On the other hand, consumers are often left perplexed when going to buy a new smartphone. Two Smartphones that have been at war against each other in the recent past due to the ever-growing consumerism are Galaxy S3 by Samsung and Nexus 5 by Google and LG. Let us delve further and find out the better smartphone in the market between the two.

Display and Screen Quality

Anyone who will holds both the phones in the hands will notice that Nexus 5 has a bigger screen measuring at 5.0-inch. The Samsung S3 is slightly smaller at just 4.8-inches, but may look even smaller to the naked eye because of its curvy look. However, things change as you operate on both the devices. Nexus 5 uses considerable real estate of the screen for its soft touch buttons on the screen. Galaxy S3 provides more screen real estate by dedicating a separate panel for its soft touch buttons. However, the latest version of Android OS on Nexus 5 allows you to slide the soft touch buttons to disappear in full screen mode like watching a video and hence giving you more space. On the display front, hardly any smartphones today can match the high quality of display provided by 445ppi density in Nexus 5 making it the clear winner.

Hardware and Software

Nexus 5 is fitted with Snapdragon800 processor that clocks at a frequency of 1.5GHz. Galaxy S3 is fitted with the inferior Qualcomm processor that clocks at a frequency of 1.5GHz. You will find Nexus 5 much faster and have a better response time especially when you open multiple applications. This is due to the 2GB RAM in Nexus 5 as compared to 1GB RAM fitted in Galaxy S3. Nexus 5 also gets the advantage in the Android OS by having a more advanced 4.4Kitkat version as compared to the Android4.3 that powers Samsung. Nexus 5 is also powered by Adreno 330 the most advanced version of Graphics processor in the market today. This makes the gaming experience on this Google phone worth mentioning.

Camera and Other Paraphernalia

Both Galaxy S3 and Nexus 5 have been fitted with an 8MP rear camera that gives somewhat same quality. However, a superior camera sensor in Nexus 5 makes the photos taken from its rear camera slightly crisper and sharper than Galaxy S3. Samsung wins clearly in front camera by having a 1.9MP camera as compared to 1.3MP camera in Nexus 5 making S3 the obvious choice for those who want to make a lot of video calls. As for storage, Samsung provides an option to expand the memory through 64GBSD card that is surprisingly absent in Nexus 5.

The Final Verdict

Nexus 5 being launched one year after Galaxy S3, has better features and takes advantage of the more advanced technology. However, after the recent price slash of Samsung S3, it has become debatable as to which is the obvious pick. Consumers may have to ultimately take the decision based on their ‘pocket size’ when toggling between the two smartphones.

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