Temple Run 2 – Cues on the Authentic Free Download

Temple Run 2 is the brainchild of Imangi Studios.

It is one of the few games that received uninhibited positive reception immediately after its launch. The game has continued to excite the gaming world to date. Temple Run 2 can only be described as a pace setter and a widely emulated game in many respects. The game is based on wild runs by the player as he attempts to escape from pursuers who wish to catch up and punish him for stealing valuable items from the Temple.

Pace Setter

The game is regarded as a pace setter because it has been the basis of remodeling a few other games. The most obvious of these is the Subway Surfers. The latter is designed along the same theme. It is also a running game for the player. In essence, there have just been a few alterations to the way Temple Run is made. The overall effect is brought to the fore by the running and attempts to evade capture.

Updates and Support

Although the launch of Temple Run 3 remains a dream, and a pipe dream at that, for most fans of the game, there have been efforts to revitalize the game, albeit in on a smaller scale. Like other popular games, Temple Run has also been receiving updates. The latest additions to the Temple Run experience include

• New obstacles
• Better graphics
• Improved power ups
• Splendid new locations

User Comments

It is indisputable that the amount of adrenaline pumped into your system by the intrigues of the game is high, and keeps you excited. However, there are some aspects of the game that the developer should consider updating. For instance, some users find the act of running continuously without a stopover for rehydration a bit unrealistic. A pit stop that provides cover for the escapee would help make the escapades more believable. Other users have also sited the need to give the game shield a little more power. The say that the shield does not assist in case a player falls.

Watch out You May Download the Wrong Temple Run 2

There are many imitations that have been developed to cash in on Temple Run 2. Many of the games are labeled with names that are similar to Temple Run 2. The motivation comes from the fact that Temple Run 2 is already a crowd puller. The names of the imitations often feature one or two words borrowed from the original. Some culpable versions include Pyramid Run, Temple Jump, among others. Like Temple Run, they are also offered on sites for free.

Getting the Best Out Of Misfortunes

On the flip side, it is a good sign for the game’s developer. It means that it is hard to beat the original idea. Such perception obviously lifts the game’s profile to a class of its own. Temple Run 2 fans and players are advised to ensure that they carefully verify the authenticity of the game they are downloading so as to guard against imitation. There is even a greater risk of downloading malware disguised as your favorite game. The use of video games to launch viruses is a well-known trend that should keep the users on alert at all times.

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