Download Angry Birds Free and Unlock Prizes and Achievements with Game Tricks

When Angry Birds came out, it was like a disease.

It spread all over the world and became one of the most played game ever. I still don’t know what it is with these birds and the act of shooting them, but once you try it, you will surely be hooked. If you have never tried playing the game, I suggest that you never try it, because once you do, there is no way you can escape spending hours on the game and forgetting that you have a real life to attend to.

But anyway, if you are already hooked to the game enough to be frustrated over not being able to beat your own high scores, or if you just want to have something to brag about to your friends, here are some game tricks that can get you ahead much faster than your Angry Bird slinger. Here is a quick list of game cheats and tips that you can take note of when playing the game so that you can be sure to gain the objectives you are aiming for.

Can’t Get Past the Hidden Egg Levels? You Must be Doing Something Wrong

The thing about these hidden egg levels is that the objectives should not get cracked that easily. As a matter of fact, most of the ways to get through them are not easy to spot. And if you have gone through the levels successfully by yourself, well, congratulations to you. You are one master gamer for sure.

But for those who are wondering how it can be done, here are some tips for you.

Golden Egg 16 is a little tricky to get, but there sure is a way to bag it. On levels 11 to 15 of the game, you will need to zoom out completely for you to see the game screen in its entirety. This will allow you to see that in the bottom left corner of the screen, there is a golden egg just lurking around, waiting for someone to take it home. All you need to do is, use the boomerang bird, shoot backwards, and you will be able to get the golden egg of your dreams.

The 17th Golden Egg will not require you to use any boomerang birds. In order for you to get it, when you arrive at the Big Setup, just make sure that you get a total of 3 stars in all the levels, and you will have unlocked Golden Egg 17. If you’re not so much of a sharp shooter, you might have better chances at this one.

Golden Egg 18, however, will need your shooting skills again. On levels 15 to 17, you will need to zoom the screen all the way out for you to see a yellow bird at the right corner. Make sure you shoot that yellow bird, and you will get the Golden Egg 18.

Unlock Your Way to Special Titles

In this game, just like in other games, gaining special titles will also help you gain more points and even bonus powers. The following is a list of titles that you will get once you get past the obstacles that are required of you.

Finishing Worlds 1 to 10 will get you several titles like The Imposter, Mr. Moustache, Hardhat Hidalgo, Mason Moustache, Defeat the King, Herr Helmet, Mounting Moustache, The Mysterious Escape, Green Baron and Hovering Helmet. There are many more titles to win, the more Worlds you successfully finish.

Moreover, getting a total of three stars in all the levels of episode 1 will win you the achievement of Total Destruction, and getting 4,000,000 points in the same episode will make you become an official Score Addict.

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