Minecraft PS3 Gets 1.04 Update on March 27 with Additional Packs

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Get ready to download 1.04 update for Minecraft PS3. 4J Studios.

The developers of the console versions of the game have officially confirmed that they are ready to release the update on March 27th. The news was released as usual on the Twitter platform where the team provides all their updates and stays in touch with their fan community. As soon as the update came, comments started pouring in as expected, querying on the release date of a PS4 edition. With the update now out of their stable, it is much easier for the studios to focus entirely on the next gen versions of the game.

With the increased graphics processing and processor power of the new Playstation console, there will be plenty to look forward to. For now, it is time for PS3 gamers to rejoice as they are finally getting the much needed update. It brings an entire new adventure mode and comes with a slew of new features to tinker with. Apart from the previously confirmed ones, there are some new additions as well including the power to teleport to a desired location which will considerably reduce the travel time involved in moving from one place to another. There is also an invisibility option which will add spice when setting booby traps using tripwires and tripwire hooks.

1.04 Comes with Texture and Skin Packs

The developers were earlier talking about releasing two different skin packs for Minecraft PS3 edition. If you have been following the news, you will be quite familiar with this piece of information but prepare to be surprised. The 1.04 update for the console will not launch with just two packs but it will have four different packs released on the same day. On March 27, the console will receive the 1.04 update as well as packs including skin pack 1, battle and beasts skin pack, city texture pack and plastic texture pack. With so many releases taking place on the same day, it’s fitting to say Christmas came early for PS3 players. The older gen console is slowly giving way to PS4 but there is plenty of life time left for it to enjoy the perks associated with such timely releases.

Release Date Delays Fixed

The official statement from the company reads, “Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition Patch 1.04 (TU14) will launch on March 27th!”. 4J Studios is pushing the boundaries of the game forward by bringing it to Japan which will officially introduce the title to the Asian market. They kept the TU14 update under wraps for a long time until last week when they announced that the certificate testing process has begun. It was officially submitted to Sony and the company did a good job of doing the testing early, so as to favor a quick release. Meanwhile, the update gets released on the Xbox 360 console as well a day earlier. This indicates a considerable change in the market and going by the trend, you can assume that the PS4 and Xbox One versions may launch almost during the same time without any delay in between.

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