Candy Crush Saga – Tumbling Numbers and Falling Shares

There was a time when Candy Crush was the ruling game on Facebook.

While there are still several people who log in to their Facebook account and diligently play this game, the number of people who download this from the Play Store has reduced significantly. It looks like Candy Crush is past its prime as things have slowed down for the game.

King, one of the top British companies in the field of games and the developer of Candy Crush is going through some tough times as their share values have dropped significantly.

The First Day of Trading

Generally, tech companies do not stumble so badly on the first day of trading and this is why the signs look ominous. The company initially priced its share at $22.5, but by the close of the day, it dropped down to $19 which is proof of its dismal performance.

Most of the trade analysts are of the opinion that the fall in the share value of King is because of its huge dependence on a single game. Most of the companies that work in the field of development have more than a few games on which they rely The performance of King is largely centered on the performance of Candy Crush Saga and hence, even the slightest drop in the popularity of the game can impact the overall shares and performance of the company.

Is Candy Crush Saga No Longer Popular?

It will be wrong to write off the game because Candy Crush still tends in the popular category. One cannot term the game to be no longer popular, but there has been a definite drop in popularity. It looks like King need to do something to make sure that they can improve their performance and once again climb the ratings and scores.

The huge drop in share performance is a sign of warning and it is likely that the company will come up with strategies, methods and tips to remedy the problem and find the right situation that can be of help.

Change Is the Key

May be, a little change in the game or some fresh additions can bring back the interest in gamers.
King may be thinking of developing a new game as well so that they can have a better approach. Putting all your money on a single game can be a hugely risky move because if the popularity meter of Candy Crush drops more, it can be signals of greater trouble for the company.

Till some time back, Candy Crush was the ruling game and hence King did not have to bother about having another game that could help it stay afloat. Such was the whopping popularity of the game that King managed to beat some of the top gaming names easily.

What happens in the future remains a tale that will unfold with time. However, right at the moment, it looks like King definitely needs to come up with a plan, lest they may be on their way to a decline. In order to pass a real verdict, one needs to wait for a few days and see the outcome.

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