Candy Crush Saga – Deliciously Addictive

Candy Crush Saga from developers is classed under the casual genre of mobile games.

It is easy to get addicted to the game and consists of a color matching game. The gameplay is very simple, where the player has to switch positions of candies and match three or more of them. As the player keeps crushing candies or matching them, candies continue to cascade from the top. The music of the game is very enjoyable, but if it gets annoying players can always just turn it off. Candy Crush Saga is available for playing on Android and iOS devices as well as through Facebook and on the online site.

The Story line

The game is a sweet one where the player is invited to join Tiffi and Toffee through a world of candies. You have to match three candies of the same color in a line and gain bonuses or points, moving to higher levels. There are also various episodes of the game, namely, the Candy Factory and the Lemonade Lake and others. For each level, the player can get a maximum of three stars according to his score. You can even return to a previous level that you have cleared in an attempt at improving your score or getting a better start.

Periodic Changes

There are some variations in the game play with the introduction of different goals and objectives. For instance, you may have to remove jelly squares or bring down ingredients, making some of the levels devilishly difficult to cross.

There are a lot of random elements in winning certain levels, so it is a little difficult to strategize and win. If you continue with the level, you are bound to win and cross it over a period of time, as there is a certain element of logic to keep you entertained.

Limited Lives

The game also does not allow you to play continuously, as you have a limited number of lives at a time, with just five of them. The lives recover at the rate of one life in half an hour. However, you can get more lives by paying $16.99. Another way to get more lives and continuing to play is to ask your Facebook friends to help you by sending you ‘lives’. The game starts hooking the player with its addictive nature, so that at some point, the player is bound to get desperate and pay for bonus powers and lives. However, there are millions of players all over the world who have not paid a cent are managing to cross the various levels and unlock powerups for free.

Unlocking Upgrades – In App Purchases

The Yeti shop offers different types of upgrades that can be very useful for leveling in the game. For instance, there is the Charm of Life boosting your life from the usual 5 to 8. The Charm of Stripes enables painting stripes to create a four-candy match once per game. The Charm of Frozen Time will keep the time standing still on time bound games. These are expensive ways of playing the game, but if you are ready to part with your money, these in app purchases can make the game much easier to play.

Social Connection

The really good part of Candy Crush Saga is that you can pick up the game and continue it in any platform or on any device. You can jump from PC to mobile device and continue where you left by just connecting with the game through your Facebook account. Playing through Facebook has another advantage, as you can compete with your friends who are also playing the game. You can also ask them help for unlocking levels and for additional lives.

In short, Candy Crush Saga is a simple game and anyone can start playing it immediately, even without being given any instructions.

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