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We are all familiar with the application Google Maps, the mapping service created by Google and that has been the established mapping service for many industries all over the world.

Google has brought the world at our fingertips with this application, and the great news is that it is just getting better. With new features that make navigation a much more interesting, much more detailed, and much more interactive experience, nobody should have any more excuse for being lost. And available for download for absolutely free, nothing just beats Google Maps just yet. Here are some of the most amazing features of the latest Google Maps update.

Detailed, Intuitive Search Capability

Google Maps, integrated with the Google search application, has come up with a better idea on how to present search results. With the use of Google Maps, a person can search for a generic keyword such as “restaurants Los Angeles” and he or she will be given top results for restaurants located in Los Angeles with maps and direction details on how to get there from the person’s current location.

For tourists and anyone who is new to the place, this service is such a huge help, because you will be able to see exactly how to get to your desired destination from your current location.

Also, another thing that has been integrated with Google Maps is the social networking service of Google, Google+, which helps filter the results according to reviews by people. So if you are looking for a good place to go shopping or to eat, you can have results filtered according to top reviewers who are in the same circles as you.

When it comes to looking for tours, moreover, Google Maps is also a great tool. You can simply key in keywords like “tours Israel”, and you will be given results with a list of active tours that you can book, as well as the detailed itineraries of some specific touring services, as long as they have had their information available online. For more guidance and information about the tours, you can also check images of the tours that you are interested in so you can have a glimpse of what it would be like to be actually in it.

Promote Your Business Better with Info Cards

Another reason why businesses and entrepreneurs must love Google is this new Google Map feature called Info Cards. This is the service that allows people to see the name of a selected establishment, its address, open hours, official website, contact number, and even directions. What more could you ask for?

If you own a restaurant and you want to create more opportunities for people, especially those who are tourists and who are looking for a bite to eat, then this is something that will surely increase your sales. But on the other hand, if you are the person looking for a bite to eat, this service is a great help because you have all the information about the establishment that you need all in one place.

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