Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – Rumours About its Coming Features

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It is widely assumed that Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini on June this year.

Samsung fans are pretty excited for this mobile phone as it is expected to be a big improvement over the last model. There are a lot of rumors as to what to expect from the third instalment of Samsung’s mini series. Here are the rumored specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini:


There are advertisements floating all over that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is waterproof. If that is the case then the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini will most likely be waterproof as well. It now destroys the hopes that the phone will get destroyed when it accidentally spills to the swimming pool. The waterproof part is better than most mobile phones that are also waterproof because in those other phones, you must hit the restart button. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was tested and it ended up perfect as you don’t need to restart it after it was submerged into a deep swimming pool.

Front and back camera

The front camera is going to be 2 megapixels which is a slight improvement over the 1.9 MP camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Meanwhile, the back is going to be 8 megapixels. The back camera is also rumored to have an auto focus and LED flash which is a big upgrade itself. The front camera is widely used nowadays for a “selfie” which is a term used for people taking pictures of themselves using a mobile phone.

Long battery life

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is expected to have a 2100 mAh battery which is a big improvement over its predecessor. It is now expected to last a longer battery life than the Galaxy S4 Mini which had a 1900 mAh battery. Nobody likes running out of batter on his or her mobile phone so the continuous improvement on this aspect is something that most fans will be proud of.

Internal memory

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is expected to double the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. The S4 Mini had 8 GB of internal memory while the S5 Mini is going to have 16 GB of internal memory. This could even be bigger when an SD card is added as it could reach up to 64 GB of internal memory. It is not expected that they will improve on their RAM memory though as this one will have 1.5 GB of RAM which is exactly the same as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. It could be a big mistake to not improve on that aspect though.

Display resolution

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is going to have a 4.5 inch screen with a 720 x 1280 pixels resolution compared to the 4.3 inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and 540 x 960 pixels. Because of that change, the S5 Mini is expected to be come clearer.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is widely expected to have a price tag of $600 Australian. It is not a bad idea for a price since it is expected to go up against Nexus 5 and Motorola Moto G.

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