Why Choose Google Gmail Over Yahoo! Mail?

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Countless email services are available to Internet users today. Of course, every single user owns an email account from one provider or another. Yahoo! Mail used to be the most popular service out there, but Gmail from Google has taken the crown in recent years.

The fact of the matter is that Gmail comes with better features and better premium services. In fact, Gmail currently features over 500 million active users, including individual and business users from around the world.

Price For Premium Versions

Gmail and Yahoo! Mail come with free versions for ordinary users. However, Yahoo! offers its Ad Free Mail version for its email client. This removes all ads from the email interface, which is convenient for most users. It costs a somewhat expensive $50 per year because no other features are made available. On the other hand, Gmail offers Google Apps For Work in $5.00 and $10.00 per month options. Users receive a variety of benefits related to Gmail and Google’s other products through these packages.

Gmail: Better Spam Filtering

First and foremost, Gmail is the best email service at filtering spam. Yahoo! Mail is known for letting large amounts of spam into users’ email inboxes. Far too many users experience these issues with Yahoo!, and most of them have switched to Gmail for that reason. A strong spam filter prevents users from getting bothered by pesky emails or from getting phished through various scams. Obviously, Google knows a thing or two about spam filtering because no other email service compares to Gmail.

Gmail: A Cleaner User Interface

Yahoo! Mail comes with a simple but unattractive user interface. When it comes to Google, things are just as simple but far more attractive. The user interface for Gmail is intuitive, slim, and easy to navigate. Users can handle all of their email-related tasks without getting lost or sidetracked by tons of menus. Plus, Yahoo! doesn’t offer nearly as many features within the interface, and users will find themselves dealing with headaches due to its glaring lack of features.

Inbox By Gmail

Google recently unveiled Inbox From Gmail, which is available on smartphones and through a Web client. Inbox manages a person’s emails, tracks their packages, and gives users exactly what they want to see. Therefore, users don’t have to skim through hundreds of useless emails every month. Inbox From Gmail offers tons of features and helps users rather than hindering them. Yahoo! lacks any such features or programs with its Mail platform, and that shows major issues with the company’s lackluster email offering.

Switch Over to Gmail Today!

If you haven’t started using Gmail yet, then you’re making a huge mistake. In the end, Yahoo! Mail used to be the king of email, but it has since fallen to the bottom of the crop. Google’s Gmail is undoubtedly the best email service available to individual and business users today. Plenty of other options beat out Yahoo! Mail by offering more features, too. Either way, Google has created the best solution in a crowded space for email services. The company continues to add more and more features with each passing month, too.

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