WhatsApp for PC to Launch with the name WhatsApp Web – Latest Rumors and Speculations

When talking about numbers, there is no app that beats WhatsApp.

This instant messenger recently hit the 700 million mark and with a sign up rate of 1 million users per day, it is just a matter of time before it surpasses Facebook when it comes to popularity.

WhatsApp has also lagged behind when web matters are on the table, with other players like Viber, Telegram, WeChat and Line completely outshining it, but with the latest update, things are about to change as WhatsApp is set to launch a desktop version.

Strings in WhatsApp’s latest code indicate looming existence of WhatsApp Web

According to the latest speculations, the soon to be launched version 2.11.471 of WhatsApp sports a string of codes that mention ‘WhatsApp Web” and issues related to computer login and out of the web client. Furthermore, it will also be possible for users to track their web activities as the code depicts.

There are reports from Android World suggesting that there already exists a domain for this web client. This is in line with research performed by a team of enthusiasts who went ahead and determined the address https://web.whatsapp.com exists but appears to be protected with a Google account.  This is a very strong indicator that WhatsApp is working on something huge and this, as the rumors suggest, will be known as WhatsApp Web. This application will work as a web browser, offering users browsing capabilities in addition to other services that are not clear just yet.

WhatsApp Web to log users to client using QR codes

Even though Facebook took over WhatsApp last year, there is no mention of this giant networking site in the latest development. This could only suggest that the new web client will adopt a totally different platform to login its users, maybe something close to what users of Telegram get.

While users of Telegram make use of text messages sent to their phones by the web client of the app, WhatsApp Web client is set to adopt a new method where messages are not sent and instead, QR codes are delivered by the client, which are then scanned in order to let the user into the web client.

Release date

There is nothing about the release date of the latest WhatsApp Web. However, with the rapid developments and the need to keep pace with other competitors in the market, it is expected that WhatsApp Web will not take long before it’s finally on the desktops of WhatsApp users.

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