Moto G vs Moto X2 – Top Hardware Specifications Comparison

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Motorola has been striving hard to gain a spot in the high-end segment of the mobile arena.

However, in the entry-level segment, the company made a name for itself last year, with the release of Moto G. The smartphone won over potential buyers because of low cost and less compromises per se in its performance. The smartphone comes equipped with a bigger chassis, usual hardware upgrades and traditional qualities at an affordable price of $179.99.

In comparison, the much awaited release of the Moto X2 handset has been making news in the smartphone market. Moto X has lived past its life cycle; hence, a replacement is necessary. It is necessary to release the latest and updated smartphone, to keep up with the changing times and to remain in the smartphone race.

Let us compare the two smartphones from Motorola, with respect to their hardware specifications.


In terms of the processor, the Moto G come equipped with a 1.2GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC (system-on-chip), accompanied with the Adreno 305 graphic processor. The CPU and GPU combination is coupled with a RAM of 1GB, ensuring smoother performance of the handset. Not to raise your expectations with a Snapdragon 400 chipset, the processor can ably handle simple tasks, but falters with more advanced functions. Therefore, playing heavy 3D games on the smartphone can be a frustrating experience.

In comparison, the Moto X2 is expected to come with all guns blazing and equipped with a powerful 2.2GHz quad core Snapdragon processor. The performance would not be an issue with the Moto X2 handset. The handset promises decent performance, with impressive clock speed to enable the user to handle multitasking operations effectively. In addition, the expected Adreno 330 graphic processor would aid the primary processor, in providing the user with lag free performance of the handset.

Memory and Storage

In terms of memory, Moto G handset comes equipped with a RAM of 1GB, which enables the user to handle basic operations with ease. The smartphone offers the user with 8GB and 16GB internal capacity variants, along with an external memory card slot for memory enhancement. However, accessing the microSD card slot could be an endeavor for most people, as it is placed beneath the rear casing of the handset.

In comparison, the Moto X2 is expected to come equipped with a RAM of 3GB, ensuring effective multitasking and smooth performance.


Moto G comes equipped with a 2070 mAh battery unit, providing the user with approximately 6 hours of battery life with moderate usage. Heavy users would require charging the handset after some time. In comparison, the Moto X2 is expected to come equipped with 2300 mAh battery unit, promising the user with 8 hours of battery life.


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