Minecraft – The World Where Your Imaginations Takes The Lead

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Ever since its release, Minecraft has slowly escalated the tops, becoming one of the most played games in the last few years and now with the new release on the next-generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we’re sure that the players will enjoy the game even more.

In Minecraft, you will have the feel of progression all the time, starting with a home made from stones and dirt and after that building a castle with a dining hall. Plus, you will have to explore caverns that are full with dangerous monsters.

Minecraft’s world is created by some big block cubes of dirt, sand, stone and other materials that are randomly generated in its world. The blocks are easy to memorize because they are colorful and distinct. You can create whatever you have in mind, skyscrapers, castles or even a tree house. Even if most of the games are starting to get this “freely” kind of world, Minecraft had it from its first release.

To make things even more interesting, there is a Survival mode, where all your blocks are chipped and collected by “hand”. You will have to gather resources, transport them and place each piece in order to create a home, so when the night comes, you will be protected from monsters.

As soon as the night comes, the bad “guys” in this game come looking for you. They are very dangerous and scary monsters, but as soon as you obtain some simple items that are needed to banish them away, they will be like some usual things in the game, and you will not be scared anymore.

Later, when you decide to construct some more complicated buildings, you will start needing some materials that you can get from the underground. There, you will find the same monsters, but you will not be able to banish them away anymore. So, you will have to dig for resources while looking over your shoulder and check for monsters. If you are not careful, you might lose everything you’re carrying on a Creeper, which will probably make you pretty mad in case you have been collecting for hours.

You can also play Minecraft with up to four players on your Xbox One or PS4 consoles, because they both support up to four player split screen mode and the online mode will support up to 8 members, so, in case you have a buddy who has other 3 friends at his home also, then all 8 players will have fun from two consoles. Now, joining other people’s worlds in Minecraft is even easier thanks to the simple lobby that it’s easy to use. Minecraft on the new consoles has 36 times bigger worlds and improved graphics that you will surely enjoy.

Crafting in Minecraft

If you ever thought that Minecraft is just about stacking blocks, the tutorial that you will have to complete will change your mind. The tutorial will introduce you to the basics of buildings, gathering, crafting and other things such as: start a garden, enchant items, ride a boat, set up a working electrical circuit and many more. There are surely a lot of things that you can do in Minecraft.

Every item is created from a recipe and there are a lot of combinations that can be made to create different items. At some point, you will also be able to fight monsters and mine some materials. When you started playing this game, you couldn’t do these. You will earn things like experience orbs that can be used to enchant your items, making fighting and mining faster and easier and of course more fun. You will also be able to craft potions that will heal you or give you resistance to fire and many other kinds of potions.

Creative mode is FUN

Creative mode will enable all the cheats and will let you play freely and even turn off monster damage or let you fly. You will also have as many materials as you want and in this mode you just have to be creative and construct whatever you’re thinking of, without carrying about resources, since they are unlimited.

While in other games you have to just kill and break stuff, we finally have a game where we need to BUILD something and be creative. This is definitely a game that we suggest you to get for your child, it’s even more fun than the LEGO game.


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