HTC One M8 vs. Sony Xperia Z2 – User Interface Comparison – Which is the Best?

Sony has been struggling in the smartphone arena as Samsung struggled in the tablet industry.

Not that Sony has not manufactured and produced smart products; it lacked the extra mojo to woo the masses. Eventually, Sony found its innovative handset with the release of Sony Xperia Z2; a handset that has brought the company back into the smartphone race. The smartphone promises to deliver, what was missing, in its predecessors. Sony Xperia Z2 is an awe-inspiring smartphone, which has given other smartphones a run for their money.

The release of Xperia Z2 smartphone, from Sony, brought it into direct competition with flagship smartphones of other companies. The HTC One M8 has been a strong competitor to the Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone. The HTC One M8 is a good smartphone equipped with state of the art features and specs. The smartphone has been designed to provide the users with unblemished smartphone experience. The user facing speakers of the HTC One M8 is a new addition, which provides the user with a great listening experience.

Let us put the two smartphones together to help you find the better handset between the two in terms of user interface.


Both the smartphones come equipped with the latest Android version 4.4.2 operating system. In fact, one must not expect any stock Android user interface components on both these smartphones. Sony has been very meticulous with the smartphones interface, refurbishing it overall. Sony has made both physical and internal enhancements to the operating system of the smartphone. Going on similar lines, the HTC loaded its smartphone with Sense 6.0, which is a consistent and well-groomed Android user interface. It catered the smartphone with a clean and chic appearance.

Those who have experienced Android based smartphones before, should have no trouble adapting to the Sony’s custom UI. It is as organized as the stock Android interface. A worth notable point being, folders can be positioned in a drawer, which makes the user free from seldom-used apps. In addition, the side panel placed in the application drawer can be used for searching and sorting already installed apps.

Sony has made improvements in the Xperia Z2 by adding its own wallpapers and theme support. It also features toggle buttons placed in the notification panel. The Small Apps is a handy feature as they run smoothly in their window floating above the user interface. Regardless, you get a few pre-loaded apps, inclusive of note apps and voice recorder, but the Play Store offers you much more to try.

The HTC runs on Sense 6.0, which is slightly fundamental in its approach from stock Android. However, the Sense 6.0 could be given a few twists to make it perform similar to the stock Android. It features BlinkFeed, which is one of its highlights. The feature can be described as a home screen devoted to accumulating news feeds from social networking sites, in order to cater the user with relevant information. Users who are heavily devoted to social networking sites might find the feature useful. In case, you are not much into social networking, you could always turn off the BlinkFeed feature.

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