iPhone 6 – Latest Rumor Might Confirm iPhone 6 Display, Specifications and Features

September has arrived and all eyes are set to watch the release of Apple’s latest iPhone 6.

The much-awaited smartphone has yet to be released in the market. Unlike other companies, Apple has always been very secretive with its latest products. Regardless, rumors and leaks run rampant in the smartphone market. Apple has been very patient with its latest release. Despite Apple’s insistence on keeping the iPhone 6 a secret until now, rumors have revealed and have given a notion to the users about how the iPhone 6 would appear. Regardless, the details of the smartphone’s hardware still remain a mystery.

However, rumors run rampant with the highly anticipated smartphone release. To unveil their latest prize, Apple has started to invite the users for their keynote, to be held on September 9.

Bigger Battery for Bigger Display

Recent surveys with prospective buyers have revealed that people are eager to have bigger batteries for bigger displays. Battery life plays a major role in wooing the potential buyer to purchase the smartphone. Apple’s arch-rival, Samsung has been releasing high powered battery units, equipped in its latest releases. In order to step up the competition with Samsung, Apple has to incorporate a bigger battery unit in its latest release. However, the latest rumor suggests that the iPhone’s bigger display of 5.5-inch would be accompanied with a 2915 mAh battery unit.

Unfortunately, the Apple iPhone 6, being equipped with a 4.7-inch screen, would not incorporate a massive battery unit. The smartphone is rumored to come equipped with an 1810 mAh battery unit.

For comparison, Apple’s archrival, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 encompasses a 3200 mAh battery, which is still more powerful than the proposed 5.5-inch iPhone 6 battery unit of 2915-mAh. Regardless, the battery of Apple iPhone 6 should be more efficient, as compared to the power-consuming TouchWiz interface of the Samsung Note 3 device. In addition, the bloat ware and preloaded Samsung also clog up things for the Note 3 device.


As the rumor goes, Apple has sent out invitations for holding a keynote and in all probability, an event on September 9 2014. As Apple has so far been silent on the iPhone 6 release, it is still a rumor, whether the company would release the much-awaited iPhone 6 on the same day. However, keeping in track the history of the Apple Incorporated, iPhones have been usually announced in the month of September, with the release date being after a week or so, just before the biggest gift offering holiday.


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