Nokia X vs. Nokia Lumia 520 – Camera and Specs Comparison

It would not be wrong to suggest that Nokia is one of the forefathers of the mobile industry.

The Finnish Company has earned great respect in the mobile arena for its build quality. However, Nokia was caught off guard when it came to smartphones. The Finnish Company was taken aback with the overnight transformation of the mobile industry into the smartphone industry. However, the decision of the company to incorporate the Windows Phone operating system into its smartphones has been criticized by some critics and fans. Regardless, how the Finnish Company would have fared, had they stuck to  the Android interface, could be a good point of discussion.

Today, let us compare the Android based Nokia X to that of the Windows Phone operated Nokia Lumia 520, in terms of their camera features and specs.

Nokia X

The Nokia X comes equipped with a 3MP camera, producing images with inadequate and soft details.

The 3MP camera of the Nokia X has not been able to impress the masses, due to the absence of an LED flash. However, the camera comes equipped with fixed focus with its small 1/5-inch sensor. The aperture is rather narrow at f/2.8, which complicate things further, especially in low light conditions. Another drawback with the Nokia X smartphone is the absence of user-facing camera, which has been a major feature with smartphones in the present era.

User Interface: In terms of UI, Nokia X presents a basic offering. The camera UI lacks shortcuts for ISO tweaking and white balance. The camera comes equipped with three shooting modes, such as panoramas, video and stills. Regardless, the snapper is quick and responsive, hence no issues there.

Image Quality: The Nokia X camera offers lifeless and underexposed images. In addition, the purple fringing can also be seen around many shots taken with the 3MP snapper of the Nokia X smartphone. Overall, the images produced are soft, lacks detailing and weighed down with noise, despite being clicked in plenty of light. Adding insult to injury, the handset lacks both auto and manual focus.

Nokia Lumia 520

In comparison, the Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone comes equipped a superior 5MP rear camera along with LED flash. As most Windows Phones are equipped with a dual-stage shutter key, the Lumia 520 is no exception to that. Depending on the amount of light present, moving from locked phone to camera UI is possible with the use of shutter key, placed on the right.

Shooting Options: The Lumia 520 offers very few shooting options to choose from, which includes backlight setting and the macro mode. Other settings include, white balance, ISO, aspect ratio and exposure. The Finnish Company relies on its Cinemagraph and Panorama apps to cater the user with a superior experience with the Lumia 520 camera.

The automatic mode of the handset offered the user with accurate and decent color representation along with good details in the pictures. The handset offers correct color saturation and optimum white balance to the user on a bright day. Even in overcast conditions, the exposure could be adjusted up a bit, in order to present decent results.


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