Apple Fanboys are Lining Up for the Queue in New York

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Even though Tim Cook has not yet taken the stage to make the official announcement for the new iPhone 6, fanboys of the company are lining up in front of major Apple stores around the world.

The most famous place for the queue is New York and the Manhattan store. There is simply no better place to wait for the Apple, than in the Big Apple itself.

The queue started about ten days ago, and is getting bigger and bigger as the official announcement is getting nearer. The fun part is that even when Apple announces the new device, it won’t hit the stores for several weeks after.

According to several reports, Tim Cook will take the stage at 1pm Eastern time to make the official announcement. Besides the new iPhone 6, several reports suggest one or two more devices are in the making and could see the light during the event. One of those is the highly anticipated iWatch, a smartwatch to compete with Samsung, LG and other producers. Apple’s website features a countdown to the official event.

The Queue

The queue for Apple’s new products has become a cult event in the past years. Every year Apple holds an event for new products, and there are always enthusiasts and fanboys that want to be the first ones to get their hands on the new device.

At the moment, first in lines are two fanboys that have been waiting since 31 August. Their intention is to camp until the device hits the store, which should make it 19 days total. That would beat the current record for waiting of 18 days.

Last year, fans of the Cupertino based company started lining up in a queue on September 6 to wait for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Sponsorships for the First in the Line

Several companies have been sponsoring first in line fanboys in the past years in order to promote their products. Last year, a husband and wife bought the first two spots of the queue for a total of $2500. Companies believe that the first spot is the key for their public relationship and marketing campaigns.

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