Google Hangouts – Is It the Best Instant Messaging App of 2014?

Google Hangouts is a free to use instant messaging software created and powered by Google as a replacement for Google Talk.

It is a readily available program that can be used to make video and voice calls to other Google Hangouts users.

Compatibility with Different Platforms

Google Hangouts is an app that is compatible with different platforms. It can be used on both mobile and desktop platforms. Previously, Google Hangouts only supported Google accounts but this has changed over time. It is now possible to use Google Hangouts outside the Google account -you can use it on Giam, Trillian, Adium as well as iChat among other platforms. This is made possible by the use of Jabber technology, which is used in these platforms. This means that it is possible to simply login to any of the above-named platforms and connect to Google Talk without a Google account.

Different Functionalities

Google Hangouts, just like its predecessor, Google Talk, is an ideal program for making video and voice calls as well as sending instant messages. Google Hangouts makes it possible for users to share files, undertake group chats as well as export Gmail contacts to Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is easy to use and comes in an easy to use interface. However, it is easily customizable for anyone interested in giving it a more personalized look.

Where You Can Hangout

Google Hangouts comes with many categories that offer different hangouts. All categories are quite interesting and are open to all Google Hangouts users. These hangouts are also easy to follow and are frequently updated. To hang out in a category, all you have to do is search for it to start hanging out. It is also possible for users to start their own categories that can be made public or private.

Entertainment Category on Google Hangouts

This is a category where people can expect to enjoy a variety of entertainment. You will find a lot of posts on entertainment news, world wonders and people among other things. To start a hangout on entertainment, you simply need to pick a topic, which can be TV, music, celebrity or singer and then click on ‘start hangout now’. You can then invite your friends to join the hangout. This platform gives you a chance to share different topics on your hangout topic.

Technology Hangout

This is a hangout that is most suitable for people with an interest in technology and inventions. You can choose to join an existing hangout, or you can start a hangout and invite people to join. From the category page, you will find different topics related to technology and inventions. This hangout is great if you like keeping up to date with latest advancements in technology. It is also a great platform to ask questions about technology and inventions.

Business Hangout    

This is the category where you can ask or post anything that is business related. This is the category where you can find business tycoons and upcoming business professionals. You can get a lot of inspiration from reading about different people in the business and about how making it as a business owner.

These are just a few of the many hangouts and features you can expect to find on Google Hangouts.



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