Angry Birds – Tips on Playing the Game while Avoiding Frustration

This is one game that is bound to grab your attention. It was first launched on the iPhone; then later moved to Android gadgets.

Even though it is interesting, it is a game that is filled with disappointments and frustrations, which more often than not become an addiction. That said, here are some tips on playing this awesome game, much faster and with fewer frustrations.

Take It Easy

This game requires sacrifice. As such, if you have limited time and want to play Angry Birds, try not to. This will only cause you frustration you do not need. Start a level when there is plenty of time to play, so that you can start over again if you fail to reach the score expectations.

Know Your Birds

If you are new to the game, know that every bird has its weakness and strength. Each bird has its own ability. For example, blue bird consists of 3 birds. You can tap the device’s screen to have blue bird triplets. When you do so, you will have increased the target range thereby making it easy for you to finish that level. The yellow bird flies much faster and also breaks wood faster compared to the rest. The black bird, on the other hand, is heavy and thus can destroy objects with a big boom. Therefore, use this bird when you want to crush concrete.

Try Different Angles

Do not waste a minute hitting the button to retry whenever you realize that you have just made a mistake. Stay on and try the correct angle when aiming at your target. Dust off the mistakes you have made and try again. Rest assured, you will hit the target at some point.

Understand Your Environment and Take Notes

If you have just made a move that has proven to be a stroke of genius, take notes. Mark the point you triggered for the bird to make that awesome move. Maybe it is the position at which you stretched that string to release an amazing shot.

Avoid Being Rigid

Angry Birds is one of those games where you can break some of the rules by thinking outside the box. There are times when you may decide to use a white bird to hit the structure instead of releasing the black bird first. You can alternatively shoot a boomerang bird backwards then allow it to curve so that it can hit the target.

It Is All About Luck

Luck plays a major role in Angry Birds. Players are able to make a lucky shot once in a while. This is even more applicable in harder levels. Whenever you can, try new stunts as much as possible. You might end up discovering new strategies.

When playing Angry Birds, do not let frustration or anger get to you. Remember that it is just a game like any other and games are meant to be fun and not cause you to get angry. When you do come across new strategies, share them with other Angry Birds fans.

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