Google Chrome – Mind-Boggling Stuff You Did Not Know About Chrome

Google Chrome-a product of Google, is a freeware web browser. It has impressive features that have won people’s hearts.

So what exactly makes Chrome tick? Here are some awesome features that you probably did not know about.

Super Speed

Google Chrome uses WebKit to render Web pages – this is the same rendering engine as Safari, which is known for its amazing speed. In a simple optimized shell, it is the fastest web browser there is currently. It has noticeable differences with how fast it loads and displays pages. You do not have to believe this – give it a try and be the judge.

Chews Code like It Is the Last Day

There is a slight difference between this and speed despite the fact that they go hand in hand. Currently, it is not very important for browsers to render many HTML quickly -browsers have become platforms where you can run applications. You can run two, three or even a dozen at a go. For this reason, a good browser is one that can handle a lot of content without crushing. Chrome passes this test with exemplary results. Chrome will not only handle code with excellence, but also does well at handling errors.
Incognito Mode

When you click the control option on the upper right of the browser, you will be given an option to open, a new window, new tab or an incognito window. The incognito window is not recorded in your search history and does not appear on your browser. It does not leave behind any trail of the activities that took place or leave any cookies. This is, however, with the exception of what you downloaded and bookmarked.

Easy To Switch

When introducing a new service in a saturated market, you cannot afford to change everything. You carefully balance the features you want to copy and the ones you want to innovate. Google Chrome was created with this important factor in mind. To illustrate this point, you can look at Firefox-it is easy to switch from it but it does not offer you enough unique aspects for you to stay.

An Intelligent Start up Page

Though it is not an original idea, Chrome’s start up page is quite pleasant. Apart from the usual search bar, it offers you a list of often visited webpages to give you a quick start. Mostly, the suggestions offered by others are not pages you are interested in, but Chrome gives you a list that you might actually find useful.

Its Own Task Manager

Chrome treats every tabbed window as its own separate process. It has a task manager that sees what is going on. Just like the task manager windows uses, it enables you to see which processes are active (within Chrome), and how much of your memory and network resources they are consuming. You can get this function by clicking on the title bar.

Drug Tabs Out and Back In

It might not seem like a big deal, but it is quite fascinating. You can drag a tab to a separate window and the separate window back into the tab bar.




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