Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Comparison of Features and Specifications

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When comparing smartphones or gadgets, it is considered better to do your own research prior to reading the latest news.

The expected release of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has created a buzz around the mobile world. The Galaxy Note 4, manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics is the successor to Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be released in the second quarter of the year 2014. The release of Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to be in the month of September 2014. This would make the release of Galaxy Note 4, in line with that of Galaxy Note 3, last year.

People, who were planning to purchase Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or awaiting the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, find below a comparison between the features and specifications of the two.

Design, Dimensions, Display

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may not be particularly attractive; however, it is a fabulous phablet. The phablet does not have a chic design but nonetheless, has an appeal to it. In comparison to Note 3, the Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to feature an updated design. One strong possibility is that the Note 4 would come up with dust and water resistant features. It may also contain a certification with regard to these two features. The Note 4 is expected to have a trimmed design, making the phablets thinner and lighter.

The dimensions of Galaxy Note 3 are 151.2mm in height x 79.2mm in width x 8.3mm in thickness. The Note 3 weighs approximately 168 grams. In comparison to the galaxy Note 3, the Note 4 is expected to be bigger, lighter and much thinner.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 encompasses a 5.7 inch screen with Super AMOLED technology. It has 1080×1920 pixel resolution. In comparison, the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to have same screen but with upgraded resolution with a pixel range of 2560×1440 2K display.

Software and Hardware

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core processor. The device runs on Android OS v4.3 Jelly Bean operating system which can be upgraded to KitKat OS. The device has an internal storage of 16, 32 and 64GB with 3GB of RAM.

In comparison to its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to have an upgraded hardware. Samsung has never stepped back when it comes to hardware capabilities of its flagship smartphones. The internal storage may be the same but the Note 4 is expected to have 4GB of RAM.


The Note 3 is priced at $549.99 whereas; the Note 4 is expected to be priced at $800.

It is pertinent to keep in mind that when Note 4 hits the market, the price of Note 3 would slash down. It is probably a smart choice to postpone your shopping until the second quarter. The Note 4 is expected to have more promising features than its predecessor. The new and improved display seems an exciting feature of Galaxy Note 4, something that all would like to see.


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