Free Antivirus – The Best of the Best In 2014

For anyone who has been following the news in the recent past, it can be hard to miss the report on the HeartBleed Bug.

For those who do not have the details, this is a new vulnerability in OpenSSL. This vulnerability makes it possible for hackers to access the memory of web servers. Apart from this latest vulnerability, other viruses, spyware and malware programs can also place the security of your system at risk. Malware programs can easily jeopardize the security of data that is stored in the system.

To ensure the safety of your system and stored data, it is important to have an up to date antivirus program in your system. In 2014, there are several reliable free antivirus programs. These programs have been proven to work as effectively as the paid versions and thus can be relied upon to protect your system from the latest malware programs.

Here are a few of the free antivirus programs you can count on in 2014.

Panda Cloud Antivirus 

This is a type of simple and lightweight antivirus program known to offer protection from different viruses. It’s a reliable tool and is compatible with most security tools meaning it will not cause issues in your system’s functionality. It protects your system when you are using Wi-Fi connections in public places and also comes with a USB vaccine, which reduces the risk of infecting the USB drive with viruses.

The latest release of this antivirus comes with improved features. It is now possible for users to use an improved interface, use the automated USB vaccines and also schedule scans.

Avast Antivirus 

Even from the reviews, it is easy to notice how effective this antivirus program is. Most of the reviews are positive and the number of people using this free antivirus program increases each day. It is a fairly simple to use antivirus program. This antivirus will quickly and effectively scan your system to identify any possible threats without necessarily affecting the speed of your system. It is an all rounded program that not only offers accurate scanning processes but also works to prevent the infection of viruses from different channels.

Avast antivirus comes with a number of beneficial features. Avast developers offer upgrades as often as possible to ensure that the software is up to date at all times. As a result, it can handle even the latest threats. Avast antivirus comes with a browser cleanup tool which gets rid of unwanted add-ons.

Avira Antivirus             

This is an antivirus program that comes with a powerful engine which works to monitor your system and also eliminate threats. Once installed, this antivirus program comes loaded with free web tools such as social networking protection, anti-phishing tools and ad blockers. The only disadvantage with this free program is the fact that once it is installed it changes your default search engine and replaces it with Avira.

Zone Alarm

This is a program that works as an antivirus program and a firewall. While it is an effective program, the fact that it is only updated once each day can place your system at risk of malware infection. This program comes with an antivirus engine, firewall protection and browsing protection.

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