The Minecraft PS4 Free Download Update Is Here

Minecraft PS4 is one of the games slated for updates.

Another building game that is in line for an update is the Xbox One. 4J Studios is set to release the update anytime now. The rumor mill suggests that the forthcoming next generation updates will be larger and will cover wider areas than has been anticipated by fans and critics alike.

It’s A Lot Bigger in the Forthcoming Minecraft PS4 Update Download

4J Studios have given the strongest indication yet that the update is set to be bigger than expected. They reported on their official twitter channel that the developers have been working with Sony and Microsoft on the expected update. In particular, users should expect a bigger building game than Xbox 360 and PS3.

There Is Still Hope at Mojang

In a recent exclusive interview with Minecraft developer Markus Persson, it is clear that Mojang is expected to continue generating more revenue for Minecraft. However a deeper analysis of the creator’s statements leaves more fear in the minds of Mojang employees than confidence. The creator’s statement, while remaining optimistic, appeared rather picked from the air. It did not express significant confidence in what the future holds. Some critics have pointed out that Mojang must have already set timelines within which they will exit. It therefore means that they have no plan to keep developing Minecraft beyond the ten years.

The Minecraft Download Craze Goes on

It is clear that Minecraft is still one of the largest video games this decade and there are no signs that the trend will reverse any time soon. We are also reassured by the creator’s statement that Minecraft lovers are set to continue enjoying their favorite game for ten years. In fact, the creator’s main point is anchored in the assurance that Mojang is here for at least ten more years. It was a statement in which the unspoken seemed more sterling than what was actually said. The bottom-line, however, is that Mine craft is still generating money.

Minecraft PS4 May Cut Out Some Features but It Offers More New Functional Ones

Although fans will miss out on infinite worlds, it is now clear that the maps in the new update will be larger than what is available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. In addition, the Minecraft PS4 version is set to support touchpad interface for users in navigation maneuvers.

The timelines for the release of the new updates was hinted at by Mojang in April. The developer announced that it was planning to release such updates in the second and third quarter of 2014.The statements further revealed that it planned to release Minecraft on the PS4 and Vita. It was also hinted that the Xbox One update release may coincide with the mentioned release dates of Minecraft PS4.

The Sales Are Still Promising

The performance of Minecraft has been extremely impressive. It was reported that by April 2014, Minecraft had already sold over 12 million copies on Xbox 360. By February this year, Minecraft had sold 14 million copies of the PC edition.

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