Free Temple Run 2 Download and Subway Surfers – Which is Better?

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Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers are without a doubt two of the most popular mobile games at the moment.

Both provide users with ultimate fun and excitement. Here we will make a comparison of the two games and eventually decide on the better option.

The Similarities

Both apps can be played on iOS and Android operating systems. Both have one objective: run the longest distance and avoid or overcome obstacles along the way. Players will be able to collect coins and gems along the way as well as some power-ups.

The Differences

When it comes to graphics, Subway Surfers is more engaging than Temple Run 2. It is also more visually appealing. How the character flies into the camera and slides down when hit by a train is simply astounding.

In terms of game play, Temple Run 2 has the advantage. It has more advanced power-ups and upgrades. Temple Run 2 has a simpler and straightforward mission set. On the other hand, Subway Surfers require the user to take several directions before completing a mission.

Subway Surfers has more pricey characters than Temple Run 2. A great example is Price K who is valued at almost a million coins. In Temple Run 2, the most expensive character is only worth 250,000 coins.

In Subway Surfers, all other characters can be unlocked by collecting items from mystery boxes, which adds difficulty to the game. It seems clear that Subway Surfers uses this strategy to monetize the game and encourage players to buy more points in order to play more advanced game levels.

Subway Surfers is more forgiving on the aspect of obstacles. In Temple Run 2, once you hit an obstacle, that’s it, you are dead. On the other hand, you get hit by an obstacle in Subway Surfers and you can still keep running.

Temple Run 2 has a more realistic touch to its visuals. It makes the player feel like Indiana Jones. Likewise, it is set on an imaginary setting (even with the South American ruins background). The monster chasing the character in Temple Run 2 is more menacing compared to the inspector chasing the character chosen by the player.

Subway Surfers has more cartoony characters. Its setting is set on animated backdrops of various cities. The characters and obstacles are not as serious as those found in Temple Run 2.

The Better Option

Really, it all boils down to user preference. Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers are both popular, addictive, and entertaining. One cannot deny that Temple Run 2 is quite popular but Subway Surfers is not lagging behind on this aspect. Both Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers can deliver all out fun to players. They both are really engaging.

The truth of the matter is that you really do not have to make a decision. You can install both Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers on your smartphone or device. There will really be no issue if you install both of them. This way, you can experience the features mentioned above on your phone and have fun.

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