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The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been around for just a couple of weeks now, and has been generally applauded by fans of Apple products as the next big iteration in its growing iPhone line.

However, the launch of the phone and the new operating system it runs (iOS 8) hasn’t gone without controversy. First of all, iPhone’s running the new iOS 8 have been tested and proven to have almost double as many crashes as iOS 7. Given the nature of Apple products is generally a small level of crashes and slow downs, this comes as a fair surprise, and perhaps source of anger to many.

However, an increase in software crashes are not the only issue that owners of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have to deal with, as recently it has come out that in fact the two latest additions to the iPhone line are very easy to bend to a serious degree.

The issue of bent iPhone’s has in fact been pretty widespread, with people all over the Internet reporting their phones bending (some a small amount, some to ridiculous, almost unusable levels) with the phone having only been in their pocket, applying some light pressure that way.

It has been such a widespread issue that the #BendGate hash tag has been trending and a popular Youtuber known as “Unbox Therapy” decided to put it to the test on video, confirming that the iPhone 6 Plus does indeed have a serious issue with bending, either in the middle of the phone or at the top.

What is the cause of this problem then? The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the thinnest iPhones to date at just 0.76cm thick. This makes it inherently easier to bend, and when paired with the fact that it’s constructed from a fairly malleable material (aluminum) the phone is apparently makes for a serious issue for people with tight trousers, or who are fairly active with their phone.

Apple have yet to respond to the issue, but given their want to appear as though they offer the best support, with many public facing apologies in past, it is quite likely we’ll see an apology and presumably a fix in the manufacturing process. Either that, or it could be swept under the rug, right now it’s hard to see, but hopefully something is done to correct this.

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