Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Sales Continue to Grow

Unless you’ve been living on a distant planet for the past several years, you’ve most probably heard about Minecraft.

The highly addictive block building game has made its way to various platforms, but currently, excluding its PC edition, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is the most selling edition and its sales continue to grow. What makes the title so addictive and why exactly the Xbox 360 edition has reached so many sales milestones?

The Addictive Indie Game

Minecraft Xbox 360 edition does not differ from the original indie game that made it big. As its developers believe ‘if it is not broken, it shouldn’t be fixed’, they’ve just copied the same formula and released it for the Xbox 360 console. But what really makes the game so addictive in the first place? Even though its graphics aren’t a breakthrough in the graphical fidelity department, the game has its own visual aesthetics, which manage to spark the interest of many. Moreover, the game’s addictive gameplay presents you with the opportunity to unravel your creativity in various ways. With endless hours of gameplay, it is no wonder that the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition is doing so well in sales.

The Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Sales

The latest milestone for the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition sales was announced two months ago, in April. Microsoft revealed that the game has sold more than 12 million copies. Even though its sales are continuing to grow to this day, no new official information has been released up to this point. Compared to its console rival, the PlayStation 3, where Minecraft has sold a little over 1 million copies, the Xbox 360 is doing more than okay. Moreover, the Xbox 360 edition managed to beat the mobile sales of the game, which are about 10 million and are close to competing with the 15 million sales on the PC.

Why the Xbox 360?

Released by Microsoft, the Xbox 360 is one of the most famous gaming consoles. Even though its competitor, the PlayStation 3 is praised to be better, when it comes to hardware, the gaming communities on both consoles are rather different. Microsoft have always been known to support new and innovative gaming experiences. That being said, even though surprising, the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition sales numbers are not that astonishing. Moreover, the Xbox 360 is the closest thing architecturally to a PC, thus letting the developers at 4J Studios easily port their game on the Platform.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition may be the best console edition of the game, but with the upcoming release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 things may change yet again. Although, the game will not be that different, the next-gen hardware will make it possible for the game to present the players with a wider viewing scope and more. Nonetheless, the developers will continue adding and releasing new mods and updates for the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, giving the players new experiences and adding even more hours of gameplay.

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