Google Chrome – Over and above the Competition

The tech savvy world demands people working over the Internet and surfing various websites to accomplish their tasks using several web browsers.

Individuals tend to get annoyed due to the slow browsing, resulting in severe dissatisfaction. The default browsers coming with the operating systems can be traumatizing due to their slow speed and connectivity. The biggest reason behind the creation of Google Chrome browser was to give the users an option to switch from their in-built browsers. This freeware web browser uses the WebKit layout and the WebKit Fork Blink engine.

Various stats determine that Google Chrome is the most used and renowned browsers presently with a total share of 43% of the worldwide usage of browsers. Few notable and interesting stats show interesting trends in browser usage since Google developed Chrome web browser. The two spellbinding stats were:

• Since the initiation of Chrome, the number of Internet Explorer users has decreased considerably, affecting the latter’s business.
• Moreover, the Firefox browser, which was once the leader, is second on the list with no gain in the number of users.

The Chrome browser is available for mostly all OS platforms, namely Android 4.0 version and later, iOS 6.0 and later, Linux and Windows operating system. The majority of Chrome’s source code is an open source project known as Chromium. The StatCounter has estimated a significant rise in the number of Chrome users. So if you are not using Chrome yet, you should be; with its special Javascript performance that Mozilla and Microsoft cannot compete with. The Google Chrome extensions and tweaks provide us with extraordinary elements and enhance the user experience. Chrome receives updates from two blacklists when a user tries to access a potentially harmful website.

What Makes It Work

The IT giant Google announced in 2010 that they would provide an official Chrome MSI Package to ease the businesses and other commercial activities. The enterprise deployment with the various additional chrome packages also provides an installer that puts the browser in the local app directory and aids with the background updates. One of the most significant features of Chrome is its Omnibox which is an integrated purposeful bar at the top of the page. This automates the keyword searches which improves the browsing. The feature of tabbed browsing provides another dimension. You can grab a tab and drag it out into its own individual window. Or you can drag and drop existing windows into one, to combine them as several tabs. Other browsers require a third party add-on to enable this feature. Chrome offers a secure and private browsing option, the Incognito feature.

In the browser game, developers constantly furnish their products to meet the latest demands and stay competitive. Chrome continues to be a leader among all web browsers in terms of the design of the interface, the operating speed and the amazing features and functionality. The multi architecture of Chrome makes it crash resistant and, in a nutshell, protects us from events that take the browser performance down.

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