Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Is Gearing Up for Release

While you are waiting for the new Battlefield Hardline to launch, there is plenty of new content to explore with the 2013 release, Battlefield 4.

The game is going to receive its final downloadable content with four new maps titled aptly as the Last Stand. The maps look absolutely gorgeous with lush green terrain, snow and other locales for you to explore. After having fixed a bag load of bugs, Electronic Arts and DICE are now finally turning their attention to bringing the DLCs out.

The game received a total of five different downloadable content featuring four maps in each pack. The latest one that has been revealed with a teaser trailer shows Russia armed with some futuristic weapons, including a powerful rail gun as well as hover tank. The tank, however, is a prototype and we expect you to handle it with care.

Infantry Focused Combat

In the official forums, the creators of Battlefield 4 have confirmed that the Last Stand DLC will be focused on “intense, infantry based combat” which means that there will be less of vehicles and more of people engaging with weapons. However, we also expect all the maps to support modes such as Conquest and Conquest large where players will have ample space to make use of mammoth military vehicles in combat. The four maps which are part of the Last Stand DLC include – Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Giants of Karelia and Hangar 21.

Each map is unique and distinct which EA believes will help them evolve the Battlefield experience to new heights. As this is going to be their last release, the developers at DICE wants to make sure the technology they use in these maps should define the games that gets released tomorrow in the series. In their forum, the team has teased that this is just the beginning because they have planned a whole lot of new weapons and vehicles to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Release Date Expected Soon

The official release date for the Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4 is yet to be revealed by the team. For now, the latest updates and features will be exclusively revealed to Premium owners through the Community Test Environment. The maps are now available in a rotating system and some players have reported that it looks great except for a few glitches. As it is too early to rate the maps already, we have to wait for the official release.

At the moment, only a limited number of players in the Community Test Environment will be able to play these new maps. However, EA recently confirmed that they have increased the number of slots for each map. More players should now be able to login and try the new maps. So far, things have been going good for the companies since the CTE got revealed and a lot of bugs have been fixed in recent times. Besides, EA has also postponed the release of Hardline which gave them enough time to perfect the existing Battlefield 4 before introducing an all new game.


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