Top 12 Best 2014 Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft’s seeds are the codes that the game is using to generate the worlds. Just use these seed codes when creating a world and Minecraft will do all the heavy work for you.

Even if you are a “professional” miner or a new player who’s about to load up the first world in Minecraft, there is something that you can’t control in this game, which is the terrain.

Here are a few of the most interesting seeds that we’ve found. Keep in mind that a seed might look better on a version, for example on the 1.6 version, but also might not look so great on another version such as 1.7.

-8504220077033419916 (1.6.4 version)

When using this seed, you’ll want to have “Large Biomes” selected, because if you don’t, you’ll find a total different world. This seed comes with a great hills biome and a mushroom biome, and you will spawn somewhere in between of these two.

2976643220357667859 (1.6.4 version)

After you spawn, turn to the right and go to a blacksmith shop, where you will find a perfect starter kit which consists of an iron sword, iron chestplate, iron leggings, apples and 3 diamonds. Right from the beginning of the game, you will have a lot of things, which is a great starting point.

Dossier (1.6.4 version)

When you spawn in this world, turn around and head that way. You will notice then the village and somewhere a little off the coastline you will see a flat rectangle building “sitting” in the ocean. Go inside and find the Portal and you will get safely to an underwater bunker.

5494140678785792016 (1.7.10 version)

In this seed, you will have 1 village and 1 underground stronghold. You will also have 4 temples to raid, which have a small collection of diamonds and gold.

Sprite (1.6.4 version)

This seed comes with a tree, a patch of dirt and an ocean. With a little imagination, you can survive for a good amount of time, with the limited resources you have.

Double Village (1.6.4 version)

In this seed, the temple and the village are buried in sand and you will have to excavate in order to find some architectural wonders.

Minecraft Seeds 3

Mojang (1.7.10 version)

Yeah, there is a seed called Mojang. The seed has an area full of gold, diamonds and iron but watch the torrents and the lava that are nearby.

MINDCRACK (1.6.4 version)

This seed has a nice mountain biome. However, you will have to travel a bit from where you spawn, in order to find it. You will spawn in a tiny island, and you will have to head straight until you will get on the top.

-2864765711115301749 (1.7.10 version)

You will get a great starting point in this seed. You will spawn close to the borders of a collection of varied biomes. Of course, they are also packed with a lot of resources, and it will not be a problem to survive in this world, that’s for sure.

5382912268135278272 (1.6.4 version)

In this seed, you will spawn in a wooded area. Go to your right, in order to discover a cave with 2 zombies inside. You will also find 3 chests which will have some nice loot.

69160882195 (1.7.10 version)

When you spawn in this seed, you will see in front of you a spectacular Savannah Plateau M. You will see also a tall mountain which stretches beyond the clouds, waterfalls and lava streams. The area is full or resources, so it will be easy to survive in this seed.


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