Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One M8 – Comparison of Design and Display

The year 2014 is shaping up to become a super year for smartphone fanatics. Today, let us compare two of the best smartphones available in the market.

The Korean giant, Samsung Electronics might have been successful in releasing the Galaxy S4, much earlier than its counterpart, HTC. However, HTC was able to take its time in releasing the HTC One M8 sooner than expected, especially after the successful venture of its predecessor. Now, both these smartphones are readily available in the market. Let us make a brief comparison between the two smartphones, in terms of their design and display.



The release of HTC One, in a metal rear casing, has made the Samsung’s plastic mobiles, offer an appearance of a cheap handset. However, the year 2014 has brought great innovations from both the companies. Despite the Samsung Electronics still using polycarbonate plastic in their smartphones, the company has greatly improved on the build quality of the handset. The Galaxy S4 provides a better feeling with its plastic design and dimpled rear texture, which provides security to the smartphone when held in the hand.

Similar is the case with HTC. The company provided a full metal body to the HTC One M8 smartphone. The company earlier used aluminium shell, amalgamated into a plastic frame, for its smartphones. The present material offers the smartphone with a premium look and feel.

In terms of build quality and looks, HTC emerges a winner hands-down.

The metal casing offered in the HTC One M8 smartphone, uses different color variants, which are difficult to make. At the time of release, the HTC One M8 offered limited color variants such as amber gold, arctic silver and gunmetal grey. At present, the HTC One M8 offers the potential buyer with two more color options – pink and red. However, these new variants are limited editions.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S4 is available in Black Mist, White Frost, Arctic Blue and Black Edition color options. The company can introduce more color options in the S4 smartphone, due to its removable rear panels. The smartphone is made from plastic; thus, a wide selection of colors can be easily manufactured.


The HTC One M8 smartphone is heavier than the Galaxy S4 smartphone, weighing 160 grams, in comparison to the 130 grams weight of the Galaxy S4. The M8 smartphone is also taller and wider at 146mm and 70mm to the dimensions of 136.6mm and 69.8mm respectively, of the S4 smartphone. The M8 is also thicker at 9.4mm in comparison to the 7.9mm thickness of the Galaxy S5 smartphone.


Screen Size, Resolution and Technology

Both the HTC One M8 and the Galaxy S4 phones encompass a 5-inch screen, with similar resolution of 1080×1920 pixels and similar pixel density of 441-ppi.

There is hardly any noticeable difference between the two smartphones in terms of screen and resolution.

Screen Technology

The HTC One M8 makes use of a Super LCD 3 panel, eradicating the air gap between glass and panel in order to lessen internal reflections. The backlight used in the screen offers brighter images in comparison to the OLED screen.

Samsung offers its users with Super AMOLED capacitative multi touchscreen in the Galaxy S4 smartphone. The screen does not require backlight and consumes less power than the M8 smartphones LCD screen.


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