5 Reasons Why You Should Buy iPhone 6 Plus

Same design, different size. Choosing between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is a tough question. We explore in depth the reasons why you should buy the Plus version.


Five Reasons You Should Buy It


Reachability. Even though it is a big handset, with screen size set at 5.5 inches, the iPhone 6 Plus is easy to operate due to reachability. It is a unique feature that no other phablet on the market can deliver. A double tap on the screen drop downs the screen by half. With icons lowered in size, users can now reach everything on the screen with just one handed usage.


Optical image stabilization. For quite some time, Apple has used the 8-MP rear sensor camera. While it is an excellent sensor, and one that has delivered the most pictures on Flickr and similar image sharing websites, an improvement was necessary. With added optical image stabilization, which is only available for the Plus version, users can take even better quality blur free snaps.


Sensational Retina HD Display. The new, 5.5 inches screen Retina display is simply a joy for the eyes. With a resolution of 1920x1080pixels and delivering 401ppi, the display is as crisp and as sharp as ever. Even though some Android devices may pack more pixel density, the Retina display more than makes up for it.


Better battery. The iPhone 6 is not guaranteed to pass the critics test regarding battery life. The Plus version, on the other hand is more than equipped to deliver excellent, reliable and dependable results. With 2915 mAh battery, the device can handle a lot more than the iPhone 6. Or in time measurements, it can deliver 14 hours of video, 24 hours of talk time, 16 days on standby and approximately 80 hours of music playing time.


The greatest storage ever. No phone before has produced a 128 GB built in memory storage. The iPhone 6 Plus does exactly that. While it comes at a higher price, it is still an option we cannot ignore. And when you combine the price of a microSD card slot and an Android device, the difference is not that big


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