iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Which One Is Truly The Winner?

Today’s comparison features the brand new Apple iPhone 6 Plus, and the Galaxy S5 from Samsung, as the two brands lead the market in flagship device choices for the end of the year. With both devices showcasing high end features, it would be understandable if you got stuck between them. Hopefully, by the end of this article you will have the information you need to make a decision.

Although it’s slightly older than the iPhone, it doesn’t mean that the Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t a worthy competitor for Apple’s new flagship. It comes with a great display that gives the 5.5 inch screen of the iPhone 6 Plus a run for its money, which is worth taking into consideration, as the iPhone 6 Plus screen displays 1080p.

The iPhone 6 Plus is of course, the newer device, as it just came out, but it’s already become hard to find in stores, with pre-orders exhausted within hours of its release. Such high-end devices were of course picked up by the major US carriers, each coming up with itsown special offers for the handsets.


The Galaxy S5 measures 142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm, while the iPhone 6 Plus measures 158.77.8 x 7.1 mm. Also, the Apple device weighs 172 grams, while the Galaxy S5 weighs 145 grams, thus making the iPhone 6 Plus both larger and heavier than its Samsung contender.

In daily usage, the Galaxy S5 has been declared better fit for one hand handling, as the iPhone 6 Plus requires two hands for most tasks, so if you’re the sort of person who prefers to use only one hand while navigating, the S5 is more your thing. Also, the increased size makes the iPhone 6 Plus harder to store in some pockets.

The iPhone 6 Plus has a body made out of a mix of aluminum and glass, while the S5 offers a waterproof water casing. The premium combination of the iPhone 6 Plus makes it rather slippery, and although the build quality of the S5 might be considered inferior, the fact that you can remove the back panel to change the battery and introduce a microSD card if you like, become great advantages for the Samsung flagship.


The iPhone 6 Plus comes with a larger display than the Galaxy S5, although not by much. The Apple product features a 5.5 inch screen, whereas the display found on the Galaxy S5 features 5.1 inches, which is less than what the iPhone has, but still pretty large. Both devices come with the same 1080 x 1920 resolution, although the Galaxy S5 has a higher pixel density of 432 ppi, compared with the iPhone’s 401 ppi.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processing unit found in the S5 stand against Apple’s A8 chip, which features 64-bit architecture. Also, in support of the processor, the S5 has 2 GB of RAM. The internal memory of the Samsung handset is 16 GB. The iPhone 6 Plus on the other hand features 16, 64 and 128 GB variants.

The S5 however loses some of its advantage in the battery department, as it comes with a 2800 mAH unit, which is a bit smaller than the iPhones 2915 mAh.


When you choose one of the two, you should also take the operating system into consideration, as the Samsung handset features Android from Google, while the Apple device comes with the company’s own iOS. Both platforms have their own perks, although if you’re looking to maximize your experience on the large screen, you should know that the Galaxy S5 comes with a feature that lets you split the screen in two and use more apps simultaneously, whereas the iPhone does not.


Apple offers a mobile payment features which was newly introduced, called Apple Pay, but Google has introduced its Google Wallet quite a long time ago. The Google Wallet offers the same services as the Apple Pay features.

Both devices come with a fingerprint sensor placed on the handset. Apple calls theirs the TouchID, and it can be used to lock and unlock your phone by using your fingerprint. One thing that stands out for the Galaxy S5 is the ability to turn the device into a remote control for your TV or other operable electronics.


Both cameras come with technologies that make the devices focus very fast. The iPhone 6 Plus managed to focus a bit faster than the S5 in testings, but the S5 comes with a feature that lets users re-set focus on other objects after the photo was taken. This option does not come for the iPhone 6 Plus.

The price for the iPhone 6 Plus on Amazon.com ranges from $1000 to $1300 depending on the selected storage capacity, while on the same site, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is around $530.

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