Google Hangouts – You Can Now Combine Conversations For Free

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Google Hangouts is constantly evolving to ensure that users get the ultimate experience on the new integrated chat platform.

The Google Hangouts developers have however ensured that the conversation merger does not cause confusion. You can still distinguish between messages sent from Google Hangouts and those sent via SMS. In particular, messages sent via Google Hangouts are green while those sent via text messaging are white.

More Freedom to Handle Your Free Google Hangouts

In its recent announcement in a Google + post, Google informed users that the new Google Hangouts features will include the ability to merge and separate conversations at your convenience. You can actually flip between short message service mode and Google Hangouts by simply clicking on a switch. As you may already know, Google Hangouts is already on Android. On Android, the updated app features a simple contact list which displays everyone you Hangout with. In addition, the updated version allows you to install a Hangouts widget that helps you access your conversations on the home screen.

Google Voice Is on Its Way Out

Now that you will be getting your latest Hangouts from Google Play Store, you can rush and download it, use it and share your experience on the update.Google Hangouts is the best bet for Google on the social media front.Video chat has for sometime been something of a gimmick on smart phones and Android devices in general. It is good news to begin to witness a real and practical video chat function features becoming useful widgets and deviating from what many users have come to regard as gimmicks. Many users have come to the conclusion that Google Hangouts has stolen the show when it comes to video chatting.

The Real Catch in Using the Latest Combination Google Hangouts

Communication is evolving fast, and is influenced by many varying factors, including quality and price. People have a varied preference when it comes to their favorite way to reach out to their friends. If you are one of those who would rather send an MMS or an SMS instead of calling, you may have noticed that the service is quite costly with your conventional apps. In fact, some providers charge for both sending and receiving such communication.Many users must have been waiting for an opportunity to carry out the same tasks on Wi-Fi or on mobile data platforms.

Feel Free to Join the Google Hangouts for the Wider Public

Although Google Hangouts has come to be popularly used for private conferencing and private chats with your contacts, it is essential to remember that Hangouts is also available for public interaction. You could join such Hangouts and gain lots of experience from what you may share with others from varied backgrounds and interest groups.

The Free Google Hangouts Is the New Kid on the Block

The fact that Google Hangouts has successfully merged chat, photos and video in a single standalone app is exciting. Moreover, the updated Google Hangouts has been enhanced. It is more interactive with other Google accounts and platforms. It is therefore expected that users of the social media app from Google will soon increase in number significantly. The Standalone app is the real threat to the established social media platforms in terms of client base.

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