Top 5 Android Gaming Apps of August 2014

August has always been the hottest month for gaming and nobody wants to leap out for entertainment.

This is when gaming apps come into the scene. If you really want to skip the part of installing and un-installing games in search of that specific game you want, then take our recommendations. We bring to you Top 5 Android Apps of August 2014.

  1. Games of Thrones Ascent

Games of Thrones Ascent offers a great deal of inspired events from the book. The player gets to fight in a battle and become the king of the North. This is a strategy game and one needs to develop a strategy and then take over the fight. This game offers a vivid experience and leverages you with handsome entertainment. The game offers characters from the book and allows the player to create their own characters as well. Every Game of Thrones fan must play this game.

  1. Empire: Rome Rising

Empire: Rome Rising is also a strategy game and requires an intellectual mind setup for completing the levels. The game is built in the scenario where the army is fighting for the independence of Rome. This is a war rage game and it satisfies the core of real gamers. The player is supposed to find out new ways of invading and taking over the palace of the existing king. The game runs smoothly on all Android phones. It has a very appealing graphical user interface and serves with the real feel of playing a game.

  1. Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune was firstly launched on iOS platform but with time its popularity increased. Now it is available on the Android operating system as well. The game is available for $4.99 on all leading app stores. The game has a mysterious feel added to it and anybody who plays it is instantly enamored by the approach of the game.

  1. Star Wars: Assault Team

If you are always in search of strategy games, where you can develop strategies and lead the battle from the front, then you should check this game out. Star Wars: Assault team features a huge set of characters from Star Wars and allows you to choose your favorite characters. You can build teams and you can overtake the ships of the enemies. You can also provide injured soldiers with the aid at requisite times. The game underwent an update at the end of July. All the bugs were removed in the update and in August the game jumped some good number of stairs in ranking.

  1. Rebuild

Most of us are creative people. We love building and re-building things. In games, we all are passionate engineers with the intellectual mind set to build something as astonishing as the Taj Mahal or as the Empire state building. Rebuild is a game for such souls. It allows you to plan, build, demolish and rebuild. The game is set in the time post the Zombie apocalypse. You as a player are supposed to start from the scratch and re-establish the dead civilization. You will also need to form teams and kill left zombies.

The game runs very smoothly on older versions of Android operating systems as well. The game has some flaws but it still makes its way to the top of strategy games. A must play for everyone with an innocuous love for zombies.


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