Half Life 3 – Is The Game Already Scrapped Out of Valve’s Plans?

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Over 7 years after the latest Half Life game has been released, fans are still unaware about what exactly is happening with one of the biggest first person shooter franchises.

After a ton of speculation and rumors even an internet meme has spanned, known as “Half Life 3 Confirmed”. However, Valve is still not discussing the future of the project, leading some fans to believe that the company has actually moved on to the development of other titles that bring more revenue, such as Dota 2, Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. The spark of hope, that Half Life 3 will soon hit the market, comes from the hardcore fans of Valve and the franchise. But why exactly should people believe that the game will see the light of day?

Is Half Life 3 a Myth?

Half Life 3 is not a myth and hardcore fans are certain that this may be the year that we will finally hear something official about the game. However, where does this certainty come from? Valve is one of the most complicated companies, when it comes to game development and marketing strategies. Founded by former Microsoft employees, Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington, back in 1996, the company quickly became one of the biggest names in the gaming industry, because of their masterpiece for its time, Half Life.

Valve Craves Perfection

What new fans of the series don’t know is that Valve is always trying to “wow” the audience and they crave for perfection. Half Life was highly anticipated and was set to release in November 1997. However, as the company was rather new when they took a look at their game, they’ve realized that the finished product is too far off their vision of the perfect game. Taking a risky move and scrapping out most of their work, Valve delayed the game to Summer 1998, then to Fall 1998, and finally to November 1998, after which a leaked demo meant only for the developers hit the internet, thus making the game a true sensation before it was even released. Even though the company took measures, a similar leak hit the internet with a few playable levels of Half Life 2, which almost brought Valve down to its knees and almost ruined the franchise. The two leaks may hold certain answers as to why Half Life 3 is kept under such secrecy.

Valve Always Delays

Gabe Newell still believes his former statement that “a product is delayed for a little while, but a product will suck forever.” Becoming much like a company motto, most fans of Valve know that the company always delays their games. However, this might actually backslash the company, as seven years in the making; Half Life 3 should be truly an extraordinary piece of entertainment in order to achieve the same success as its predecessors. Valve has always surprised the audience with unexpected announcements, but with Virtual Reality hitting shelves soon will the fans finally see a teaser of what might be Half Life 3? With E3 2014 just a week away, fans will soon see.

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