The Crew – A Much Awaited Game of the Year 2014

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The Crew is an upcoming single player racing game that is set in the open world environment, allowing players to traverse across the length and breadth of the map, in the vehicles of their choice.

A grand launch is planned for it, towards the end of this year, on a number of gaming platforms, like the Play Station 4, Microsoft Windows and XBox One by the publisher, Ubisoft. This game, The Crew, was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo and it is one of the most anticipated racing games of the year, alongside Watch Dogs. Presently, The Crew is under development by two different companies, namely Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections.

The Hype and Demo

The game makers took out a beta version for the PC, earlier in July, during which, the players could test drive cars and traverse a large portion of the maps, play some challenges and also some skill challenges in various parts of the world. The game is rumored to feature a giant open world map, which allows you to drive from coast to coast of the United States and roam about freely even while carrying out vital missions. The demo version depicts this very feature and allows the players to roam about the entire map. Several terrains have been unlocked for the beta version, which would allow players to play in Detroit or New York or other terrains, as per their choice. The version was set to run from July 21 to July 25, 2014 and all the enthusiastic gamers could register and play on the official website. The preview generated lots of hits on the website, as gamers poured in large numbers online, to have a first-hand experience of the game, The Crew.

The Game Play Mode

The game is based totally in the United States and the roads and ways have been realistically designed so as to imitate the same. The roads have been shortened and the turnings made more real so as to give a real world feel to whoever takes The Crew experience. The makers estimate that a drive from one coast to another would take about 90 minutes even for an experienced driver. The game features a career mode which is a single player campaign and takes an approximate 20 hours to complete.

Differentiating Factors

The makers have tried to keep the game as real as possible. There are no loading screens in the game which would help in keeping the real world charm alive and kicking. Also, there is no pause or play buttons for similar reasons. This will require the players to drive and stop as if they are doing so in the real world. The multi player gaming capabilities of the next generation consoles allow the players to play the game either in single player mode or together with their friends. The game, besides being a racing game, also emphasizes on forming teams and building and improving cars by working together as crews and then defeating the other racers.

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