Facebook vs Google vs Microsoft – Best Comparison Of Their Steps And Operations

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Even if a company is on a small, mid or top range, they all have to do baby steps at the beginning. Firstly, a company needs to build a strong foundation to make sure that it will last for a long time. Before Google, Facebook and Microsoft were all the rage in the industry, they took the start-up measure. Here you can find out how these top companies have managed to grow since then.

The employers environment in these companies are different form each other. According to Quora in a discussion, it depends on the personality; the working style of one could be more favorable than the other. These large companies are more similar in their operating culture, but they differ as well.  Some ex-workers from there gave their opinions about the companies issued from their individual experiences during their job.

In Business Insider, Dima Korolev, an ex-employee from all three companies, related that the Google operating style is better for the learning phase for the fresh engineers. There is not so important that the newcomers necessitate having a package of experience and a lot of knowledge. The good thing is that the younger employees are always surrounded by more experienced people, who are ready for their training. This kind of job is a good for a starter because there you can learn very fast.

Hence, another former employee thinks differently. In his opinion, his job at Google, although a significant one, brings just a small impact on the company.  If indeed there is a big impact, there is a late satisfaction since the products, though finished and without any bugs, have to be tested in numerous times before they will hit the market officially.

The other company, Facebook, desires to realize the working of a start-up business, wherein employees are supported to use their creative and independent style to continue the progress. They are not as inflexible in terms of rules, codes and order.

A former worker admitted that he enjoyed the privilege of having his labor go live just after his small team fixed it up. Even if there are bugs to fix, the small teams are always there to repair any glitches. Employees find joy in having their work readily beneficial to the public only a few weeks after its completion.  They get a satisfactory sense of accomplishment.

At Microsoft, the workers are centered more on the long-term association. The deadlines differ and the company does not put so much pressure on the teams like Facebook and Google do. They are prepared to invest in the employees, offering them support to ensure that they remain and fulfill their jobs for many and many productivity and efficiency.


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