Temple Run 2 Offers an All New Experience

If you’re not tired of playing a game that has your character running endlessly, Temple Run 2 is worth trying out – if you haven’t tried it before.

Because of the success of the original version, the developers launched a second version which doubles the fun, excitement, and everyone’s addiction. Set in a different place, Temple Run involves the same characters and the same drama. The main character has stolen an idol from the temple and the devil monkey is out to get him. In order to escape and score high, you need to run, run, and run a whole lot more.

All New Settings

You might think that you have already seen it all before with the previous version but Temple Run 2 brings some things new on the table. The setting is a temple up in the clouds which explained the need for the character to ride a zip line at the start of the game. You will also find yourself going inside a tunnel riding a cart and gliding your way through forests. The coins are still present, though, as well as power-ups and obstacles. Coins should be collected by tilting your device in their direction. Obstacles should be avoided at all cost because it ends the game if you hit one of them.

Same Old Controls

The controls of Temple Run 2 are the same with the original version. Sliding your finger upwards will make the character jump while tilting the device will change direction. Sliding your finger downwards will make him slide under an obstacle. Power-ups should also be picked up along the way. Power-ups appear randomly in different places and you can use them to make your score higher. There are different power-ups available and each of them has different effects. You can also upgrade them in the in-app store but you will have to spend a few backs to do so.

Coin Magnet

The coin magnet is such a big help in Temple Run 2. Once you get this power-up, the magnet will attract all coins that are scattered in every direction. There is no need to tilt your screen to get the coins – the coin magnet will do that for you. Coin magnets only work for a specific time and in order to make it last longer, you will have to upgrade it.


The invincibility power-up is also useful as it allows you to run through all sorts of obstacles with immunity. Gaps are filled so that you can pass them without ending the game. The character will have a blue shield the whole time the power-up is in effect. When the shield starts to flash, it indicates that the invincibility power-up will be ending soon. Again, you can prolong the effect of this power-up in the store. Even though you might feel that you’ve already been there before with the original version, you will still enjoy playing Temple Run 2. Its graphics has improved a whole lot better compared to the first one. Finally, the entertainment Temple Run 2 brings is enough to entice you to download the game.

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