Viber Best 2014 Tips and Tricks

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Viber 4.0 was released recently, and even if it has some bugs that will be fixed soon, this new version is still awesome.

Get Viber on two devices at the same time

One of the coolest features from this new version is the possibility of being connected from two devices at the same time. So you can now run Viber simultaneously on phone and PC, and to do this, you have to install Viber on the second device and a code will pop out on your primary device. After that, you just have to enter the code and you’re done!

A lot of free stickers

The new version of Viber comes with a lot of new stickers in the sticker market, but it comes with a lot of free ones also! Just go to the sticker market and download the free stickers you like!

Use Push-To-Talk feature

Viber’s Push To Talk feature makes your life easier. In order to send messages, you just have to press the microphone button, which is in the right side of the conversation. A new big button called “Hold & Talk mode” will appear. If the chat partner which you are talking to will have the “Hold & Talk mode” ON, all the messages will automatically be streamed and played on each other. In case your chat partner doesn’t have this option ON, your messages will be recorded and sent to him and in order to listen to them, he will need to play them manually.

Customize your background

If you are bored of the old background of your conversations, you can go to Settings -> Default background and from there you can select a variety of great Viber backgrounds. You can also add a picture from your gallery.

Customize your Viber

You can customize this great application by the way you prefer. Viber can be set to send automatic free replies to SMS when the other person is using Viber. You have the option to see when your message was “seen” or when your friend was last time online, and set your “Wi-Fi” “sleep” settings.


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