How to Bypass Locked iCloud Activation ?

A group of hackers has pass by blocking iCloud activation from iDevices after Apple boasted that something like this is impossible.

Apple has promoted this function as “activation lock” and aimed at deterring iDevice theft. After all, they will not steal an iPhone or iPad if it can never turn to use it normally. Unfortunately, many legitimate iDevice owners who have forgotten their password of iCloud account and have never been able to recover for various reasons, have realized that they remained with just an expensive toy.

By this time, the function was unbeatable. Nobody managed to pass it by. Things are different now, the two hackers who work online by the name of MerrukTechnolog and AquaXetine , managed this performance.

The two hackers claim that their vulnerability allows not only an enabled iDevice, but also extracting ID and password with which they were blocked. Although we will probably never know the exact mechanism used by these surfers for activation, it is important that they have released a system that you can use it too.

The system is quite simple. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch stuck at the activation screen that requires a password to your iCloud account and you do not know it, just follow a few simple steps. Although the exact details are available on hackers website, doulCi Team and is likely to change over time, I will try to simplify them below.

Basically, depending on the operating system you have on a PC or Mac, you must modify the hosts file of that platform. On Windows, press Windows + R and enter the following command in the Run window without quotes “c:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts” and confirm by pressing Enter. You will be asked with what to open that file, select notepad.exe. The last line of the file to be opened, press enter and enter

Close the file and choose to save the changes. If you performed the above steps correctly, you should start iTunes, connect a blocked iDevice and activate it without any problems.

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