Subway Surfers Download Free Update; 2nd Version Release Date?

One of the most popular games in the mobile phone market is the Subway Surfers.

The game is extremely popular on all platforms equally which includes windows, iOS and android. The game is developed by Kilo and SYBO games. The game was initially released only on iOS and Android but one can run this game also on the PC. You can download the game from various sites.

This game is a super fun and engaging one and is also downloadable for iPads. The game allows you to get your character to move around obstacles and trains. The mechanics, layout and basic functioning of the game is very similar to that of Temple Run but the mission is a whole new one, which is a refreshing change from Temple Run. This is because there are a good amount of fun things that one can try all along the way.

The plus points:

  • Extremely intuitive Interface: When one first opens the app, you are immediately guided through a few tips on how the character can be moved around the obstacles but a starter will not need it for long. The controls of the game is very predictable, doing everything just the way you would expect them to do. The game will need you to guide your chosen character by ducking under deadly roadblocks and turning around split second turnings with only a swipe of your finger in the exact time.
  • Being Engaged: One can easily assume that people can get tired of the game in just no time which is exactly why, the makers of the game, intelligently integrated Daily Challenges and Missions in order to keep things as interesting as possible. When one finishes a mission successfully, a score multiplier is added. The daily challenges gives the player rewards in which come in the form of coins. These coins can be used for shopping when you will want to upgrade your gear.

The Flipside

  • Super addictive: The single most obvious downside to playing the game – it can be extremely addictive – to the extent that it may lead you to procrastinate on other obligations.

The game is simple yet very engaging thanks to its great graphics and the right amount of intrigue which will help you come back time and again. It you like boundary-less running games and if you happen to be a fan of Temple Run, then this game is a must-check out!

The game can also be downloaded with the help of Android Emulators like Blustacks if you would like to use it on a PC but that will not be needed anymore since the PC version is also available.

When the game was released on Windows phones that has just 512 MB RAM, users complained heavily about the low-end hardware support. The developers instantly took note and very soon released a version for 512 RAM in their next update. The update also takes the players on a World Tour across Paris which has raised more interest in the game. Rumours are out and about of a possible release of the 2nd version but details of when and upgraded features are not known as yet.

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