What Viber Has To Offer In Social Media

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The social media is demanding for new innovations on the best ways of communicating, sharing views and expressing ourselves.

This demand is what has spearheaded a lot of developers to showcase their innovativeness by designing apps that compete favorably with the ones already in the market. Facebook may have been the first one in the market, but currently, a lot of its users have shifted to other platforms. If they haven’t, then they are using both. This entire shift may be as a result of new creations that have shaped the social media for about a decade. Viber is one of the latest to be introduced in the market. Founded by Viber Media, the platform is gaining huge popularity; thanks to its features that have seen it stand out.

Connect For Free

Since its inception in 2010, Viber users have grown to around 300 million. Many people who moved to embrace this new invention confess that the world can connect with it. It gives them an opportunity to communicate with their friends, relatives and business colleagues for free. The freedom here means that you need to have an internet connection for you to communicate. The different modes of communication here are texting, video calling, voice calling and photo sharing. All for free!

What about Those Who Do Not Use Viber?

The free calls allow people to converse freely if they are using Viber. This begs a question to those who would like to connect with people who have not utilized it. Viber developers had in mind that not everyone will use it. In response to this, they created Viber Out, an app that allows you to call those who do not use Viber or land lines at very affordable rates. In addition to this, Viber is made in such a way that it is compatible with most mobile devices from smartphones to tablets!

What Can One Do With Viber?

  • Text your friends for free
  • Call for free
  • Share photos, emotions and location with friends
  • Group chat with up to 1000 people
  • Get message or call notifications when you are offline

No Advertising

The major concern that has crippled the social media is the huge adverts that one finds on their page. It would look as though Viber developers were trying to address this issue. They resulted in developing a social platform that does not allow adverts to be run on it, at least not yet. Thus, if you are tired of that advert on your page each time you try to chat with friends, why don’t you try Viber?


Viber updates its app over the net; all you need to do is allow it to give you a new feature that encourages interesting interactions all the time. New updates target the following areas of communication via Viber:

  • Sticker menu giving you the ability to reorder them
  • Improved group conversations
  • Improved performance fixes

Therefore, if you thought the social media has reached its end, then you have not tried Viber. It creates a world of endless possibilities by making world connection easier, interesting and fast.


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