Gmail – 4 Tricks to Love on This Free Download

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Google is one of the best things that ever happened to the internet.

Most of the users who have ever used any of Google’s apps will agree instantly. Google’s email platform Gmail is one such app that you would absolutely love. Gmail is full of surprises and interesting tricks that make life infinitely simpler for everyone. Here are some simple tricks that make the app very productive.

Send and Archive

This nifty little tool often goes completely unnoticed. If you want to achieve zero clutter in your inbox, you can use this button to archive all your conversations. If you have responded to a conversation and are expecting no more replies in the thread, you can simply use this option to archive all the conversations and send them to a digital filing cabinet. This way, your inbox will remain clutter free and you will not even have to delete your mails. So you can take out a mail if you need it sometime later. Archived messages can be found on the ‘all mail’ tab. You can enable ‘send and archive’ from the settings option under the ‘general’ tab.

Access Your Mail Offline

Gmail Offline is another little known trick up the app’s sleeve. This is a great little extension for your Chrome browser and it helps you download all your mail onto one place. Once your mail is downloaded, you can access it even when you do not have any internet. The extension will sync and download all your mails, so give it a little time to do that before you get offline. A downside is that the extension does require a working internet connection to download the mails.

Make Tasks with Your Emails

If you have an email that you need to respond, but if there just doesn’t seem to be any time or energy to do that, you do not have to do it immediately. Use the Tasks option to add your emails to your tasks. This will help you keep a note of all the emails you have to respond to. This way you wouldn’t even have to go looking for mail when it is time for you to respond to them. Just open your ‘tasks’ panel and you will have all your emails waiting there. To add emails to tasks, simple open the emails and find the ‘add to tasks’ option under the more button.


You can label your mails and sort them out nicely enough. This is an age old trick used by many Gmail users who like to keep their mailbox organized. Once you have created labels, you can name them, use filters, color code them and apply them to any conversation you want. After making a label, just drag and drop it on a conversation to label it and filter it out of your inbox. It is that easy and convenient. You can always find all the labels on the left margin of your mailbox. So every time you want to access a mail in your labels, just reach out and read it.

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