Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime vs iPhone 6 – Top Specs and Best Features Comparison

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Next month, the iPhone 6 is supposed to debut, and in between, all kinds of rumors regarding the specs and features of this upcoming smartphone kept us updated. The Apple phone will have competitor as famous as it, the Galaxy S5 Prime, also known as the Galaxy F/Galaxy Alpha (South Korea), which will be unveiled in a couple of weeks and will hit the markets in September. The fans will have a tough mission: to decide whether they want an Android device or they’ll choose the iPhone 6. They’re both outstanding smartphones, but you’ll have to sacrifice your savings if you want to buy one of them. Now, let’s see which one winks at you.

Designs and displays

The iPhone 6 will be slimmer and even more elegant than its predecessor, and the fans will choose one of the two options of screen sizes: 4.7inches and 5.5inches. The Galaxy S5 Prime will be Samsung’s first Galaxy smartphone which will feature a luxurious look, coming with a metal and polished exterior. The size of S5 Prime’s screen will be of 5.2inches, and it’s going to be a QHD display with a resolution of 2,560×1,440 pixels. The 4.7inches screen of the iPhone 6 will give a pixel density of 416, while the 5.5inches screen will have 365ppi.

Internal memories

It is believed that the iPhone won’t come with a 16GB variant of built in storage, but it will provide up to 128GB. Samsung will probably have two variants of internal storage, 16 and 32GB which will be expanded up to 128GB.


The iPhone will be powered by a powerful A8 chipset, while the S5 Prime will feature a 2.5GHz quad-core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset).


The battery life has been a problem for Apple and they’re trying to extend it although the phone is too slim to support a battery with a higher capacity. Rumors say that Apple will opt for a battery with a capacity between 1,700mAh and 2,000mAh. The S5 Prime’s battery will be of 2,800mAh.


The Prime will a sport a rear camera with the same resolution (16MP) as its predecessor, the Galaxy S5. The front camera will be 2MP. Apple hasn’t hade any changes to the camera, preferring to improve the internal software. So, the primary camera will be of 8MP, like the cameras on all the other iPhones.


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