Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Core – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

Budget smartphones with the ability to handle multiple SIM cards have become the trend in recent years.

Samsung has largely been credited with introducing these phones into Asian markets. They have become popular in such a way that the likes of Galaxy S Duos 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Core have become excellent alternatives to the mainstream smartphones.


The Galaxy S Duos 2 builds on the Galaxy reputation, albeit at a much lower price, by featuring a similar design. The Galaxy Core is also not a huge deviation from this design philosophy. Both phones resort to polycarbonate materials in order to keep the weight low, but the Galaxy S Duos 2 comes out in front with its 118 g weight compared to the 124 g weight of the Galaxy Core. This slight increase in weight makes little difference, but the thickness of just 9 mm on the Galaxy Core makes a telling difference. The Galaxy S Duos 2 is substantially thicker at 10.6 mm.


The additional weight appears to have been caused as a result of the 4.3 inch display on the Galaxy Core. This is slightly larger than the 4 inch display in the Galaxy S Duos 2. Both phones use the same 480 x 800 pixels resolution and the TFT technology. The output is too close to be separated since pixel density is almost similar.

The Galaxy Core acts as a much better multimedia device, by offering 8 GB of internal memory as standard. Even with the Android operating system taking more than 3 GB, it still presents the user with a respectable 4.5 GB. The Galaxy S Duos 2, meanwhile, offers only 4 GB of internal memory and since the Android users most of it, buyers will have to rely upon the memory card support in order to store multimedia content like movies and music. Since the Galaxy S Duos 2 offers support to up to 64 GB microSD cards, this is unlikely to be a major issue. The Galaxy Core also supports microSD cards up to 64 GB.


Despite the two phones running almost similar versions of the Android OS, the Galaxy Core has potential to be slightly faster due to the presence of slightly more RAM (1 GB vs 768 MB). It also comes with a better Snapdragon processor compared to the BCM processor on the Galaxy S Duos 2. Both processors, however, are rated at the same 1.2 GHz and they have dual cores.


Connectivity is unlikely to be an issue on the Galaxy S Duos 2 and the Galaxy Core with a number of options on offer. The Galaxy Core dismisses out on aspects like Wi-Fi direct and DLNA. It also has the older versions of Bluetooth, whereas the Galaxy S Duos 2 uses the 4.0 version with slightly higher data transfer speeds.

The Galaxy S Duos 2 will cost around $140 for the unlocked variants, while the Galaxy Core will set you back by around $180.

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